How to Watch Rangers Game Today Free Without Cable

The Texas Rangers have no trouble selling tickets. This team is a proud part of Texas history. Fans can’t wait to see what their team does next as they make another run for the playoffs. The team is always running for the American League’s title in the west division.

Texas fans are smart. Everything really is bigger in Texas, and Texans want the best and latest ways to watch television. What they don’t want are big cable packages that they don’t have any control over. Texans don’t want to be told what channels to pay for. Instead, they want to pay for the channels that they want to see and nothing else.

If you’re one of these fans, you can watch the Rangers game today without having to buy cable. That’s good news, because these new streaming services give you lower prices and more control than you’ve ever had when it comes to choosing your television. You can have a package that suits just you. It’s a great way to see the Rangers live stream without breaking a bank that’s the size of Texas.

Signup to Sling TV to stream Rangers Game Today Live Without Cable

Sling TV is out in front when it comes to watching television online. It’s a great way to watch the Rangers game tonight because you can sign up in just a few minutes. There are no cables because it uses the internet to bring you the same television channels. It feels a lot like watching cable television, but you use the internet to pull down the live television feed.

With Sling TV, you pay just $20 or $25 per month. It’s your choice of two base packages, and each one has most of the best television channels that you want to watch. If there are any must haves that are left out, you can choose extra channels for a small fee. You don’t have to have extra channels. Also, it’s your choice to mix it up whenever you want to change what your extras are.

For people who want to watch the Rangers live stream, you get ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS as part of the basic orange package. ESPN plans to air as many as 90 MLB games during the regular season each year. TBS broadcasts regular games as well as playoff games.

You might get a FOX regional channel too, so make sure that you read what’s offered in your local area. In the Texas region, that’s FOX Sports Southwest. If that’s an option, too, you get the best in the Texas Rangers game today from every angle.

Sling TV has a few options to pitch to you to get you to sign up for their service. First, you can use the service for seven days without paying. Sling TV doesn’t mind that you do this, and you can cancel the service if you don’t like it. You can also sign on the dotted line for three months of service if you want a Roku 2 for free or discounted Apple TV or a discounted Roku 3.

Watch Live Ranger Game on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

This service also uses the internet to bring you live television. There is no contract to sign. To watch on a big-screen television, you need a streaming device, and the service is most compatible with a PlayStation console. Only late-model PlayStation consoles are set up for it, so make sure you check that your console is compatible if you’re going this route.

PlayStation Vue operates under different assumptions than Sling TV. They assume that you want a big base package and that you’re willing to pay more for it. That means when you sign up there’s over fifty channels to enjoy. You don’t have the choice to get less, so this service might be best for a bunch of people who watch television in one household who have diverse interests. It’s also a good option if you want the Rangers game today, because FS1, ESPN and TBS all come in the Access Slim entry package.

Some places also get local channels with PlayStation Vue service, which is another way this service sets itself apart from Sling TV. Dallas is one of those places where you can get local channels, so this is especially helpful to watching the Texas Rangers live stream. Some users say that this service doesn’t offer enough options for watching when you’re away from home, but the service is working on upgrades.

Watch Rangers Game Live MLB.TV

Major League Baseball does its own streaming service. $109.99 is the price for all of the teams, or choose just the Texas Rangers for a lower price. You can’t watch local games live with this service.

Watch FOX With an OTA Antenna

For Texas Rangers fans, FOX still puts a lot of games in the airways for free. There’s no cost to this, but you need an HD television and antenna. You also have to live near a television channel that’s broadcasting the game for free.

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