How to Watch QVC Online Without Cable

QVC is an addicting shopping channel. They have convincing hosts selling useful products. The hosts try to persuade you to buy by showing you all the bells and whistles of each product. Before you know it, the appliance or kitchenware gadget is on your doorstep. But what happens if you don’t have cable and still want to shop QVC? You’re in luck. Within television having so many options, you never have to miss a broadcast.

ROKU Live Stream

One of the most common ways to watch QVC is through a device such as the Roku, The Roku hooks directly up to your television and gives you plenty of options to live stream your favorite shows. QVC is one of the channels that you can add on your Roku device. It used to have one application, but in the past few months it has added a second application for viewers. One application focuses solely on live shows and the other application focuses on those shows that were previously recorded.

You can also watch QVC on your phone or tablet. Simply download the QVC application in the Google Play or Apple store. Through this application you can live stream the broadcasts that are going on within real time. For instance, David Venable—who is well known for selling kitchen appliances and gadgets—may be live streaming a slow cooker or a cooking set. You can order the product directly from your phone or tablet, saving you the hassle of calling into the phone lines.

Stream QVC Directly on Their Website

On the same note, watch QVC directly from your computer. You can live stream the broadcasts on Check out the latest gadgets that have previously broadcasted and order them directly from their website. This provides you faster ordering. It also alerts you whether or not an item you wanted is sold out. While this is disappointing, at least you know prior to clicking on the item and can find a similar product. Moreover, the website is friendly and easy-to-navigate for customers. It offers live chat to customer service agents, should you have any questions about your order.

Watch QVC Live on Apple TV

You can also watch QVC through your Apple TV. Similar to the Roku, there’s two QVC options via the Apple TV. There is QVC Live, which presents products being sold within real time. Then there is QVC Plus, which features products that have previously aired on the network. Both of these channels are fantastic options if you’re looking for items that you can’t find on store shelves. It gives you more variety in colors, prices and QVC always sweetens the deal by adding more to the product than you would get anywhere else.

For instance, if you were purchasing a knife set, a regular store might only include a bread knife, chef’s knife, carving knife and vegetable knife. When you order the same set from QVC, they may include 4 steak knifes, a knife block and a paring knife. It pays to shop around!

You don’t need cable to take advantage of these deals. In fact, live streaming them may be better than sitting in front of the television. You get faster ordering and you can view the products anywhere with anyone. It’s the convenience that makes all the difference.