How to Watch Premier League Online Without Cable Free

In today’s world, the internet is a powerful tool. There are lovely websites like YouTube TV and Netflix that give us access to hundreds of television shows and movies that we used to pay upwards of two hundred dollars a month to see on a television screen.

Most people are now ditching the cable boxes and simply find themselves subscribing to sites like Netflix and Hulu, because the overall cost of the monthly fee for both websites are generally cheaper than paying two hundred dollars for a thousand channels you barely watch ten of, not to mention the commercials you’re forced to sit through.

Watching your favorite movies and shows on the internet is called ‘streaming’, and while you can save money tossing the box and hugging your computer, you might find it difficult to catch your favorite sports.

So How Do You Get Live Sports?

Specifically, your Premier Soccer League might be one of the most difficult objects to find on the internet. Most syndicates and streaming sites require you to enter proof of your monthly service of subscription to various cable companies. Well, if you’ve cut the cord, you might start thinking you’re out of luck and will just have to catch highlight reels on YouTube.

The Premier League airs a majority of its content on NBCSN channels. There are loopholes to get around paying an arm and a leg for subscriptions to a major satellite company, so fear not genuine football fans. You can catch your matches in some way, shape, form, or fashion!

For the Minimalists…

Live broadcasts are an excellent free way to keep up with your favorite matches for free, that is if you don’t mind the visual accompaniment via television or computer screen. Most matches are broadcast for free on various radio signals, and those radio channels almost always have a website to summarize their shows and broadcast times. Even if you don’t own a radio, you can hop on your computer and stream the audio coverage of the match for free.

If you live in the United States, your minimal cost options are a little wider. If you own a television but don’t subscribe to cable, just buy a pair of bunny ears (antennas) for about thirty bucks.

Most soccer matches are broadcast on the American company NBC, a channel received by almost all basic cable recipients in all areas of the country.

You can catch as many matches as you want for the entire season for less than you would pay for a monthly subscription to satellite.

You Want the Full Experience?

If you are a Premier League fan in the United States looking to get your premier league live stream fix, then there’s the method of account borrowing from your friends and family. If you yourself have tossed the box and have someone willing to share their account information with you, head over to NBC’s website, input the account information and appropriate passwords, and you’ve got an all season pass to all of your favorite matches.

How to Stream Live For Fans Outside the US?

Okay, so for the following methods, you will have to do a bit of juggling. But it’s all worth it if you can catch your premier league without cable, right? Many television viewing services that primarily focus on an internet web-based audience offer free trials so you can explore their channels with no strings attached. Well, sort of.

One of these fantastic websites is called Sling TV, and you can sign up for account and get a free trial for a week. Of course, with a free trial, you’ve still got to sign up with payment information, but if you are tight on cash and not looking to continue service with Sling, all you have to do is cancel the service before it’s automatically billed to your account.

Playstation Vue is a similar website. It comes with a free trial as well, so if you time your matches correctly, cancel the payment cycle and you’ve just scored yourself two free weeks of premier league live stream without paying a cent.

And For Those that Don’t Mind Paying…

Remember, the services mentioned above can also be paid for monthly. If you don’t mind the fee, it’s much cheaper than paying for any sort of cable service. In addition to both the Playstation and Sling websites, there’s also Direct Now, owned by the company AT&T.

If you’re looking for a third week of free streaming, you can utilize their free trial as well. However, Direct Now has channels NBCSN and FS1, so you might not mind paying a mere 35 US dollars for their unlimited viewing privileges. Both of those channels focus primarily focus on soccer streaming, so whether you are looking for that third week of risk free trials or searching for a cheap alternative to cable, perhaps Direct Now is the way to go.

It’s Easier than You Think.

If you don’t want to pay for premier league live streaming, a bit of juggling is involved. If you’ve cut the cord to your satellite company and adamant on not paying a cent to those massive companies, the multiple free trials will do you some good this soccer season.

If you’ve decided that you don’t mind a bit of a price tag for unlimited viewing and a few extra channels, then any of the above mentioned services might come in handy. You’ll get unlimited viewing privileges for the channels that carry the soccer matches you want to see, and who knows; you might even find a new sport or television show to binge watch in the process.

With so many people ditching their major satellite companies and utilizing the power of the internet and its streaming capabilities, it won’t be long before sports are aired universally to those that don’t have an account with a cable company. Until then, try out these strategies to catch your premier league live stream and see how they work for you. Don’t forget to end your free trials though, because you will still be charged for them if you don’t end the service.