Playstation Vue Review


Cable TV has been around since 1948, perhaps it’s not all that surprising then that we now have internet alternatives to the archaic technology that was Cable Television. We’ve seen on-demand solutions like Netflix and Hulu dominate this market for a few years now, allowing the user to stream videos of their choice from a database.

Now we are seeing the emergence of a new platform of media delivery, namely one that allows live video streaming of premium TV channels to the consumer, often in addition to on-demand video functionality.

What is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue is the latest service to offer the live video streaming of premium channels. It is not the first, but is certainly among the few market options currently available, alongside contenders like Sling TV.

PlayStation Vue was launched by Sony in 2015, and the service will now provide over 55 different channels to consumers for a monthly subscription starting from $29.99. In comparison to Sling TV, this seems somewhat pricey, considering that a basic Sling Orange package can be had at a monthly subscription of $20.

We will explore the cost effectiveness of PlayStation Vue in relation to its competitors later in this article. One of the outstanding benefits of this service however, is that there is no contractual obligation required from you. You get to pay on a monthly basis and are free to cancel your subscription whenever you see fit to.

What is PlayStation Vue compatible with?

While the service was originally only available for PS4 and PS3 devices, it has now been extended to be compatible with the following devices:

– Google Chromecast
– Amazon Fire TV
– Amazon Fire TV Stick
– Roku 2
– Roku 3
– Roku 4
– Roku Streaming Stick
– Roku TV
– PlayStation 3
– PlayStation 4

Unfortunately the service is not currently compatible with your Apple TV device, although you may download an app on the Apple Store which will allow you to stream live content on your Apple devices wherever you get an internet connection.

What Channels can you expect with PlayStation Vue?

At this point you’re probably wondering what channels you can expect to have access to with PlayStation Vue. That depends largely on how much cash you’re willing to part with out on a monthly basis. Before you commit to a full month though, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of the service. With the entry package (Access Slim Plan) you can expect to pay $29.99, and have access to ABC, NBC, AMC, BET, Bravo, CNBC, Food Network, MTV, TNT, USA, TBS, FOX News, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, E! Entertainment, and many other channels. Altogether you will have access to more than 55 different channels.

At the next level is the Core Slim Plan, the main benefit of which is the addition of local sports channels. Considering that one of the biggest concerns for subscribers to online live streaming services is the inability to stream their sporting events live, PlayStation Vue’s Core Slim Package might be absolutely worth the extra $5 over the Access Slim Package if these concerns apply to you.

At the high-end of the available packages lies the Elite Slim Package which will give you access to over 100 different channels including PlayStation Vue’s standalone channels. These two standalone channels are Epix Hits, which features top-rated movies, documentaries and comedy specials, and Machinima, which is Sony’s gaming central channel that brings you high-definition game-play, gaming news and series.

The Elite Slim Package starts at a $44.99 for every month you’re subscribed to the service, and Sony’s standalone channels can be added to that. Machinima will cost you $3.99 extra per month or $1.99 extra per month if you’re a PlayStation Plus Member.

FOX Soccer Plus can be added for $14.99 per a month or $12.99 per a month for PlayStation Plus Members. With this channel you’ll be able to get access to live streaming of your favorite soccer league events, including those in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, allowing you to follow your team’s progress without having to subscribe to a cable contract.

SHOWTIME can be subscribed to for $10.99 per month or $8.99 for PlayStation Plus Members. This will allow you to live stream the SHOWTIME channel through your PlayStation Vue subscription, and for an additional $1.50 per month you can add an EPIX subscription to the SHOWTIME channel, giving you access to even more high-quality content.

Is PlayStation Vue for you?

Ultimately whether you choose PlayStation Vue or other options like Sling TV depends on your experience with the service. You should ideally subscribe to free 7-day trials of both services and decide for yourself if the additional cost of PlayStation Vue is worth the extra money you will be paying every month.