How to Watch Pirates Game Today Online Free Without Cable

Any team wanting to get to the top of the National League has to get through the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are a consistent driving force to the top of the National League standings. Fans always have something to cheer about when they see their team take the field.

There are new ways to watch the Pirates game tonight. You don’t have to head out to the bars and you don’t have to have cable, either. When you can’t watch the game in the stadium, you can use the internet to watch the game. These services don’t have minimum subscription terms, so you can use the service for one month, one hundred years, or any term in between.

Internet Television Is Legal

It’s completely legal and common to watch television using an internet connection. This is a subscription service and you pay a fee for it. The television companies share in the profits and they’re happy to provide these services for you. The costs are usually only a small part of what you have to pay to get cable services, and cable television is on the way out. Read on to see what services might best suit your needs to see the Pirates game today.

Watch Pirates Game Today Live On Sling TV (Free Trial)

Sling TV has quickly grown to having a subscription base of millions, in only a few short years since its launch. This service is unique in that you start with only about twenty channels in the base package and you can add on from there. You even get to choose between two base packages.

The base packages are named by color. There is the orange base package and there is the blue base package. The orange package is $20 per month and it focuses on ABC and ESPN channels, while the blue base package is $25 per month and it focuses on NBC and FOX Sports channels.

If the Pirates live stream is what you’re looking for, you’re probably best to go with the base orange package, because that gets you ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS. ESPN airs a lot of regular season Pittsburgh Pirates games, even several days per week, and TBS airs a lot of playoffs games. Sling TV doesn’t make you sign a contract, and you can change your selections around any time you like.

There are a few bonus offers to sweeten the deal. If you’re a new subscriber it’s worth your while to choose a perk. One of the perks available is seven days to try out the service for free. Another, if you’re agreeable to three months of service off the bat, gives you a streaming device. You can go with that, and in exchange for your loyalty you get a free Roku 2 or a lower price on Apple TV or a Roku 3.

Stream Pirates Game Live on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

No good idea goes without competition, and PlayStation Vue is Sling TV’s competitor. The service uses a similar concept to bypass cable and bring you the Pirates game today using the internet. The developers mostly thought of big-screen television viewing when they made this service, so it’s best with PlayStation consoles. There are some other device compatibility options, but it’s not as widely compatible as Sling TV, so read carefully to make sure that the device you intend to use is supported.

PlayStation Vue doesn’t give you the same, super small base package that Sling TV does, but at the end of the day, if you love a variety of channels, PlayStation Vue might end up more cost effective for your dollar. Sling TV gives you twenty channels for $20, and you have to add on from there. PlayStation Vue gives you more than fifty channels for $30. That means that your cost per channel is actually less than Sling TV’s cost per channel. PlayStation Vue typically doesn’t offer sign up bonuses, though, so if perks are what you want, you have to look elsewhere.

Live Stream Pirates Game Tonight on MLB.TV

Major League Baseball lets you pay $85 per year to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates through its streaming service. Local blackouts stop you, though, if you live in the Pittsburgh area. The service also offers some bonus content that impresses serious MLB fans.

OTA Antenna

Don’t forget the old-fashioned way. FOX puts a lot of Pirates game free on regular broadcast television. Anyone can watch and you don’t even have to subscribe. Use your television and HD antenna to find the game and watch it live as comes to you over the airways.

Alternative Ways to Watch Pirates Game, Movies and TV Shows Without Cable