How to Watch Phillies Game Today Online Without Cable Free

Each year, the Philadelphia Phillies make the city of Philadelphia proud of its baseball tradition. The fans are enthusiastic and they can’t wait to watch their Phillies play. When fans can’t go to the game in person, they look for ways to follow their favorite team.

What Are Streaming Services?

A streaming service harnesses the internet that you already have to bring you your favorite Phillies game today. You don’t need to have cable because your internet connection does the work of cable and brings you the signal. It looks just like the same television channel that you get when you have cable, just without the price tag and the restrictions.

Most of these online streaming services allow you to watch the Phillies game today on your big-screen television. You need a streaming device to bring the internet to your television set, and there are a number of different streaming devices, each of which is compatible with a set of the online streaming services. Technology is moving along quickly in this area, and the Phillies live stream is easier to access than ever before. Keep reading to see some of the most popular options and a discussion of their benefits. These services are legal and the television companies are happy to bring you their great channels in these new ways.

Watch Phillies Game Online Via Sling TV (Free Trial)

Any discussion of online television streaming services has to start with Sling TV. That’s because Sling TV gives you great bang for your buck. This service is only $20 per month and it gives you access to just the very most popular channels in online television. From there, you can add more channels if you want to.

This is a great service to see the Philadelphia Phillies because ESPN and TBS are in the main package. ESPN airs Phillies games each week and TBS airs both regular season and playoff games. There is a Sports Extra package that you can also select that is only $5 per month.

The main package is quite good, and many users find that they are satisfied with just this package and nothing more. TNT, CNN and A&E are channels that you get with this service, just for the $20.

There is another package that you can get with Fox Sports 1 that also comes with Fox Sports regional networks. The service is friendly to watching on devices other than television, and you can pay extra to be able to watch different channels on different devices at the same time, so it can work for a whole family.

To see the Phillies game today, take advantage of special offers that get you a free streaming service or a discount on Apple TV. You can also select a discount on a Roku 3 instead of a free Roku 2. This is a great way to get a Roku if you’re in the market. T-Mobile customers can also look out for special discounts and deals that don’t count Sling TV as data use.

Watch Phillies Game Today on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

The Phillies live stream is also available with a different streaming service, PlayStation Vue. This streaming service has a smaller but loyal group of subscribers and it is most popular in large cities. That is because the service sometimes offers local channels in its base packages.

The base packages are large. Expect at least fifty channels in the Access Slim option. That costs a bit more than Sling TV, at $30 to $40 per month, but if you know you want the channels, it can be a cost-effective option. The service has some on-demand options that meet consumer demands, but others complain that the service is too restrictive when trying to watch away from home.

Phillies Game Will Always Stream Live on MLB.TV

If you’re not interested in other television, you might want to try MLB.TV to watch the Phillies game today. This service is a paid internet service to watch just Major League Baseball. Buy just the Phillies or buy all of the teams. You pay just over $100 for all the teams and just over $80 for just the Phillies.

There are some restrictions, so you can’t go this way if you want the Phillies live stream and you live in or near Philadelphia. This is best for Phillies fans that live far away from their home city. Unlike monthly streaming services, you pay by the year to access the entire season.

Watch Phillies Game Tonight on Antenna Television

Finally, you can see a few Phillies games free each year. This isn’t through the internet but it’s through traditional broadcast television. You don’t have to pay for this service, but don’t expect a ton of games this way. You can record the games with a DVR like a Tablo if you want to watch it later.

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