How to Watch PSU Basketball Games Online Without Cable

Do you know that you can cut your cable cord, and still be able to watch live Penn State basketball games online? This may sound unbelievable, and some may not want to risk missing PSU basketball games by disconnecting their cable subscription, but I assure you streaming games without cable  is a real possibility.

There are several options that can allow you to enjoy watching the games, even after cutting the cord with the cable. You will not miss any of the Penn State basketball highlights with the alternatives discussed below.

The perfect solution is known as cable-replacement streaming, which are services that work in the same manner as cable TV. As such, you will get everything in real-time, with the only difference being that it comes over the internet. This means that you will not have to worry about missing any Penn State University basketball action when you cut the cord. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are some of the best cable replacement services on the market.

Watch Penn State University basketball on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best solutions that you can use to watch Penn State basketball online. This is owned by Dish Network and offers online streaming services. Users are granted access to multiple networks that were initially available on cable TV, only. This is an ideal solution for anyone who is seeking for the Penn State basketball live stream to catch all the action.

The good news is that you can view Penn State basketball highlights on Sling TV using your computer or mobile devices. Sling TV charges a subscription fee of $20 per month, and you are not required to sign any contract. Instead of paying, you have the option of using it for the 7 day trial period before making your decision.

PlayStation Vue & DirecTV Now

Just like DirecTV Now, Playstion Vue is a live streaming service that you can subscribe to that will allow you to stream games without cable. You can use both services to watch Penn State basketball online instead of cable TV subscription.

There are different packages with various channels that are offered by this solution. Vue costs the users $30 to $40 per month, depending on the location. In comparing the two options, Sling TV is a better Penn State basketball live stream service than PlayStation Vue. Vue comes with some stringent rules that may hinder one from getting Penn State basketball highlights at their convenience.

Using your TV for Penn State Basketball Live Stream

The process of setting up your TV to be able to watch Penn State basketball online is very easy and cheap. There are so many game consoles, set-top boxes, and other devices that are available on the market. You can buy devices from Google, Amazon, Roku, and Apple among others to enjoy free Penn State basketball live stream.