How to Watch PBS Online Free Without Cable

If you ask most Millennials to describe their childhood, chances are they mention one or more shows that aired on PBS. Children of the 1990s grew up watching Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. The kids loved to learn while PBS entertained them with Square One, Reading Rainbow and 3-2-1 Contact. Parents watched and learned, too, right along with their kids. Today, much of the best in children’s programming still comes from PBS.

PBS is more popular than it has ever been. It’s a non-profit network that distributes quality programming to public television stations around the United States. More than 350 television stations use PBS programming. Some of the most popular television shows of all time came from PBS, including Sesame Street and The Lawrence Welk Show.

There are many shows on the network today that attract a large audience. The Great British Baking Show and its catch phrase, “Ready, Set, Bake,” is one popular show. Masterpiece Theater also draws large audiences, and Downtown Abbey is a part of popular American culture. So much of American cultures comes from what viewers watch on PBS.

Viewers today want their television in new ways. While great television never changes, the ways that viewers receive their television has changed quickly in the last handful of years. Today, more and more PBS viewers want to find other ways to get great television content. Cable is quickly becoming out of date, and viewers want to find more modern and convenient ways to see their favorite shows. If you’re in the crowd that wants to watch PBS without cable, here is your guide for live internet streaming without cable.

Broadcast Television

You’ve always had the ability to watch PBS without cable. That’s with broadcast television. The whole point of PBS is to provide high-quality, informative and entertaining content to viewers at public expense. For that reason, you have always been able to watch PBS without cable over the airways. That means that public television stations broadcast the network programming through the air, for free. If you have a television set and an HD antenna, you can pick up these broadcasts and watch.

With broadcast television, there’s nothing to sign up for and nothing to pay for. That’s why PBS has those twice-annual pledge drives. Just turn on your tv set and start watching. Don’t expect to have to spend time logging in or entering personal and credit card information that a company promises not to use to send you unwanted emails. Rather, in this case, free really means free. PBS and other great television channels are yours for the taking.

Most local markets have at least one PBS channel. The only thing you have to check for is making sure that your antenna is reliable enough to pick up the channel that you want. One good option is the Mohu Leaf 50 antenna. It’s designed for indoor use and users report that it produces a good picture and that it’s reliable. You can look on Amazon to find a number of options.

Try the Tablo DVR with Broadcast Television

An antenna alone doesn’t allow you to watch on demand. With this option, you need to watch your favorite shows as they air. If you’re not at home, you miss the show. If you want to do a bit better than that, try a Tablo DVR with your broadcast television. This offers the best of both worlds. Tablo DVR lets you watch broadcast television while you record your favorite shows. That way you can watch a missed show when you get home from work or from a big night out with friends. Tablo DVR even lets you stream to any connected device so that you can watch recorded shows from other locations.

Roku App or Online

PBS puts a number of their programs online for you to enjoy. Just go to their website and browse the selection. Because PBS is intended for free, public consumption, their offerings online are greater than you might expect from paid television channels. This tends to be unlimited, too, so there’s no restrictions on how long you can watch. If this works for you, it might be all you need to see PBS.

There’s also a PBS App that you might like. Just find the app for your Android or Apple TV device. If you have a Roku, it’s even easier to watch PBS without cable. You can download the PBS app and put in your location. That gives you the PBS programming for your area. Other streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire and the like have similar apps that are helpful to find PBS programming. PBS also makes a PBS Kids app designed to help kids find programs designed just for them.

Online Streaming Services

If you like PBS programming and you have paid television services, there are ways that you can find PBS shows. Netflix has some, and so does Amazon Prime. Even Hulu has some offerings from the PBS catalog. Rick Steve’s Europe is one PBS show that’s pretty easy to find in the catalog of some streaming services. This is a great way to enjoy the programs without cable.

Other Online Combinations to Consider – Sling TV – Free Trial

While PBS is one of the easier channels to find on a website and over the airways, most people want a well-rounded television viewing experience. They want to watch just the most popular channels for a low price, and in one location. For that reason, it’s important to touch on new streaming services such as Sling TV. If you want to watch PBS along with other paid television greats, there are streaming services that let you ditch the cable in favor of internet-based streaming services.

Sling TV is the front runner in modern television streaming services. With this service, you get the best in paid television, starting at only $20 per month. This is a great complement to all of the ways that you can watch PBS online for free. You choose a basic package of about twenty of the most popular paid channels, and you can watch on many compatible devices with just an internet connection. Most people who like PBS consider this a low-cost way to combine their love of paid television with the great things that PBS has to offer.

With Sling TV’s streaming service, you can get your favorite paid television channels at a bargain price. This is a great way to meet all of your television needs without spending a fortune on cable. Enjoy the many ways to watch PBS online free and join the cable cutting nation.