How to Legally Watch PAC 12 Basketball Games Online Free Without Cable

If you have access to broadband internet and would like to stream PAC 12 basketball live you have come to the right place. It is now possible for sports enthusiasts to watch live games online through a variety of top streaming services. This option not only makes it possible for you to follow all the sporting action you want on a variety of internet-enabled devices including gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets but also eliminates the need for expensive cable service.

Read on below to find out where you can find a PAC 12 basketball games live stream legally and affordably.

Watch PAC 12 Conference Games Live on Sling TV

Sling TV is Dish Network’s streaming service offering a variety of dedicated sports channels through their affordable packages. Sports fans can watch PAC 12 basketball games online free by simply subscribing to Sling TV’s seven-day free trial.

The streaming service has a variety of channels to choose from including TNT, truTV, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. With this variety, you can watch all the PAC 12 basketball games you want. Furthermore, the Sling TV online streaming service supports viewing on a variety of internet-enabled devices, adding to the convenience of viewers.

Live Stream On The Watch ESPN Application

Sporting enthusiasts can stream PAC 12 basketball live by subscribing for the streaming service on the WatchESPN website. It is, however, worth noting that this is one of the most limited services available in a number of ways.

First of all, to stream live games using the service you will need to have access to an approved service provider like Sling TV, DirecTV Now or Hulu. Furthermore, you can only watch live games broadcast on ESPN3. Compatible devices for streaming via the WatchESPN website are fewer than those compatible with other services.

Catch College Basketball Games on Playstation Vue

SONY’s online streaming service Playstation Vue offers various packages which include live streaming of sports events. You can access a PAC 12 live basketball games live stream from any of the dedicated sports channels on this service including CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and TNT. Their live streaming service is compatible with a variety of internet-enabled devices including their PS3 & 4 gaming consoles, Google’s Chrome cast, and the iPad.

Live Stream Conference Tournament on CBS All Access

You can stream a variety of live events through the CBS All Access service. The service provides viewers the opportunity to watch CBS hosted games, March Madness and many more online. You can even watch PAC 12 basketball games online for free by subscribing to their seven-day free trial.

If you would like to sample a variety of other online streaming services before making a choice on the best PAC 12 live basketball games live stream, you can also check out HULU Plus and DirecTV Now as well.

DirecTV Now, Hulu, Vidgo, Youtube Unplugged, PAC 12 Network

With online TV being so popular nowadays several newly formed companies have popped up looking to take advantage of the new craze of online streaming. Four companies that have arrived, and soon to be major players in the online TV industry are DirecTV Now, Hulu, Vidgo and Google’s Youtube Unplugged.

The most promising service of them all is DirecTV Now. This service already have many popular sport channels like the PAC 12 Network, which regularly broadcast conference games. DirecTV Now is probably the only legitimate challenge to Sling TV and Playstation View.

Universities That Are Represented in The PAC 12 Conference

Oregon Arizona
Oregon State
Arizona State
Washington State