How to Watch Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Online

Fortunately, it is time for the fans of Ohio State University basketball team to stop worrying on missing their favorite team in action even if you do not have an existing cable subscription package. There are various legal choices that allow you to watch Ohio State basketball Online without the need to pay the same cost as the cable. In this article, we will go through the different options that you have to catch Ohio State Basketball live stream this season.

Live Stream WatchESPN on Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Fire Stick

This application will allow you to access various sports content and live channels such as ESPN3 that will let you watch the game of Ohio State basketball highlights. In the event that your internet service provider is a participating provider of WatchESPN, you will have free and unrestricted access on ESPN3 through the application. Unfortunately, it will only allow you to watch ESPN3 and not ESPN2 and ESPN which means that you have a pretty limited solution when you want to watch college basketball live.

Watch OSU Basketball Live on PlayStation Vue

Sony makes sure that they are keeping up with the latest trend by offering their live streaming option, PlayStation Vue (Playstation Vue Review). This streaming service comes with 3 different packages that all comes with multitude of channels that can be accessed by paying a monthly charge of $30 to $40.

They also offer the ‘Big TEN’ package which is a great way to be update with the latest action of Ohio State Basketball highlights. However, there are some things that you need to consider when you choose PlayStation Vue as your streaming solution. Mobile viewing is pretty restricted once you are out of coverage of your home network.

Watch Buckeye Games on Sling TV & DirecTV Now Free

Sling tv and DirecTV Now (which is better sling tv or directv now) are competing online streaming services, but both carry important sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNnews. The prices between Sling TV and DirecTV Now varies based on what channels you want.

Choosing the sports extra pack will get you all of the important channels that you will ever need to stream Ohio state basketball games including March Madness and the Big Ten conference tournament. The best part about these streaming services is that you can try it out for free for seven days.

College Sports Live

During the entire season of the College basketball, College Sports Live of CBS will be broadcasting every game of Ohio State University basketball team on audio. There are also some games that have an available video streaming. However, you will need to check the schedule of College Sports Live online to make sure that you will not miss their game. They also feature the on-demand basketball highlights during weekend which is the perfect way to keep track of your favorite basketball club.

Finally, you also have the chance to hear the radio broadcast of the Ohio State University basketball matchup in more than 30 radio stations all over the state of Ohio. You can easily listen to the radio broadcast over the network or online. It is a great way to analyze and summarize the game as it opens up with a 90-minute preshow that will predict the outcome of the game and a 60-minute post game analysis that will examine all the ups and downs of the entire match.