How to Legally Watch Oregon State Football Online Free Without Cable

All Oregon State fans want to make sure they follow the big games this season. Fortunately, when it comes to accessing the best in Oregon State athletics, there’s a new player in the game. Keep reading to find out how to access the best in Beavers football with new streaming services that save you a bundle.

Today, Oregon State fans know that when it comes to watching the biggest Oregon State games, cable isn’t even close to required. New, modern streaming technologies come to you right through the internet. There is no cable required. These streaming services are the way you like them, too, with no contracts and no commitments. Pay as you go and keep the service only for as long as you wish.

Sling TV Offers Live Stream of Oregon State Football Games Free

One way that Oregon State fans can catch all the action without feeling the crunch of cable is with Sling TV. This new service allows you to use internet streaming to watch a basic package of only the best channels for only $20 per month including a 7 day free trial. From there, you can select special add-on packages that feature only the channels you watch the most.

Sling TV combines the best television channels with on-demand service. You can pause what you’re watching and finish it later. Sling TV also knows that you don’t just watch television in one place. They make it easy by allowing you to login and watch from any one of a number of compatible devices.

The downside to Sling TV is that there are NFL blackouts on mobile devices. The basic $20 per month package allows you to watch streamed shows on one device at a time. Pay $25 per month and you can watch on up to three devices at once.

Get a One Week Free Trial With CBS All Access

CBS All Access is another great way for Oregon State fans to make sure they never miss a game. This is a unique service that capitalizes on the power of CBS affiliates stationed all over the country. For a low fee of $5.99 per month, you can choose any CBS affiliate and watch what they are airing, even if you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the station’s broadcast signal. If you prefer to watch without ads, you can do that too for only $9.99 per month including a one week free trial.

With this service, CBS also lets you access its best shows on demand. This service stands out because it has significant access to NFL games for fans who like to follow both college and professional sports. Subscribers sometimes also receive access to special bonus content. Most, but not all, CBS affiliates participate in the service.

PlayStation Vue Offers a Large Variety of Channels Including OSU Games

For folks who want to dump their cable subscription while still making sure they get to see a large number of channels, there is PlayStation Vue’s streaming service. This service comes to you through a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or through one of a number of other modern, compatible streaming devices. Although the basic level of service is more expensive than Sling TV and CBS All Access, it offers more than forty-five channels in the basic package.

In most smaller markets, PlayStation Vue costs only $30 per month. Like the other streaming services, there is no contract and no obligation to sign on for any certain period of time. The service costs $40 in large markets including Chicago, Dallas, New York City and Los Angeles, because there are more channels available in these markets than in smaller locations.

Notably, PlayStation Vue’s service does not include any Viacom networks. That means you can’t see Nickelodeon, BET or Comedy Central through this streaming service. In addition, it’s difficult to use PlayStation Vue’s services away from the base device. This can be a problem for users who want to access their benefits while they travel.

DirecTV Now Has Quality Features

This is a service that has all of the power and backing of AT&T innovation. With carefully arranged agreements with content providers, DirecTV Now subscribers receive an impressive variety of channels that includes AMC, Fox, NBC Universal and Viacom. It’s worth noting, however, that CBS and Showtime are unavailable through DirecTV Now’s services.

Some users complain that this service is prone to error, with service freezing during peak times. Users also criticize the service for failing to offer on-demand programming. The service works with television, most smart phones and most computers.

Another High-Quality Option is Hulu

Hulu offers a television streaming service that keeps Oregon State fans in the know. The Walt Disney Company has partial ownership of Hulu’s streaming service, so Disney fans aren’t disappointed by the channels that Hulu offers. In addition to the best Disney channels, FOX and CBS are standard with Hulu.

Hulu’s services are more costly than other streaming services available, but, like PlayStation Vue, they offer a wider variety of channels, while less expensive base streaming services tend to sell add-on packages a la carte. For fans who know they want the most channels possible, Hulu provides a great deal. Hulu also competes for business by offering original programming, unique to Hulu.

Try It With TuneIn

TuneIn is a radio service that allows you to access radio from all across the country. This service requires only a compatible device and an internet connection. Find the station that’s airing the big game and listen in. For a small monthly fee, you can access professional sports programming and audio books.

Watch Antenna Television

When finding your favorite Oregon State football team, don’t forget about antenna television. With a television and a standard antenna, you can find any game that a local station is broadcasting over the airways. Of course, broadcast television is always free with no signing up or signing in. Use a Tablo DVR and you can record the game to watch it at a more convenient time.

With so many ways to stream, Oregon State fans don’t have to miss a minute of the big game. Follow all of the best plays, the best players and expert commentary with quality streaming services this upcoming season. With these services, you can follow your favorite team without forking over a fortune to subscribe to costly cable.