How to Legally Watch Oregon Football Games Online Free Without Cable

The University of Oregon’s Ducks football program is the pride of the State of Oregon. Competing in the Pac-12 Conference, Duck football plays its home games in front of tens of thousands of fans at historic Autzen Stadium.

Whether playing one of its main rivals the Oregon State Beavers or the Washington Huskies, or coming from behind to upset a powerhouse favorite, Oregon football is always a good time for loyal fans. Marcus Mariota won a Heisman Trophy for the University of Oregon and the team has seen a great deal of success over the years.

For good reason, the University of Oregon is an institution that residents are proud of. Situated on the beautiful Willamette River, the research university offers undergraduate and advanced degree programs that include noted specialties in communication, business and dance.

In addition to its football team, the University of Oregon fields many successful athletic teams, including its highly successful track team. Because of the success of the school’s track program, the school has earned the nickname Track Town.

For proud Ducks fans, there are ways to keep in touch with their favorite team like never before. Fans who are tied of cable plans that don’t offer a lot of choice now have new ways that they can keep in touch with the Ducks, whether they are at home or on the road. Today, streaming services give fans of the University of Oregon a way to watch and listen to every football game this season, without spending a fortune for cable.

See Oregon Football Games Live With Sling TV

Powered by Dish Network, Sling TV is a new, state-of-the-art service that doesn’t depend on cable to bring you the action. With Sling TV you can purchase only the channels you watch the most. Say goodbye to the big, cable bundle. With Sling TV’s basic package, you have access to the ESPN family of channels. These channels are ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and any University of Oregon games that air on ABC’s broadcast network.

Sling TV makes its streaming service easy for you to use. Rather than making you have a separate login for Sling TV and another one for the WatchESPN app, Sling TV makes the same login effective for both platforms. The goal behind Sling TV is to offer a low monthly subscription cost for fans who want to watch the most important games without committing to a months or year-long cable contract.

The result is a service that allows fans to select a basic package only or add on just the types of channels they watch the most. These add-on options include movie channels, news channels, or even more sports channels that cater to the most avid sports fan.

Sling TV’s most basic package is the Orange package. You can subscribe to this package for only $20 per month, with no contract to sign and no messy agreement if you ever decide to cancel it. There is also a similar Blue package that offers subscribers a slightly different set of channels for a low monthly price.

From there, fans can add on only the channels they plan to watch the most for a low fee of only $5 or $10 more per month, depending on the package they order. The coveted Sports Extra package includes the Pac-12 Network so Ducks fans can scope out all of the action.

Outstanding Streaming From PlayStation Vue is Available For Duck Fans

Fans can use a one-week free trial to see if PlayStation Vue is the best way for them to access the University of Oregon’s football games. Like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue offers viewers the chance to watch only the channels they watch the most, for a fee that is less than the cost of a standard cable package. Powered by Sony, PlayStation Vue already has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Users can watch their favorite channels on their television set, using streaming that requires only a standard internet connection. The service also allows users to select either the basic package or add on extra channels that cover all of their television viewing interests. This service is hard to use away from home, but powerful for at-home viewing at a reasonable cost.

Use a TV Antenna for Fast Viewing

Fans of the University of Oregon can also see many games using a standard television antenna and a television set. The big networks like FOX and ABC still broadcast the most important games over the airways. If you can use a television antenna to pick up a game in range, you can watch the game with no login required. You can also use a Table DVR in order to record the game as it happens. That way you can stop the game, fast forward, pause, or even finish watching the game on another device.

Audio Coverage Brings the Ducks to You

Radio stations that cover the University of Oregon want to make sure that no fan goes without hearing all of the action, live as it its happening. For this reason, radio stations offer their own streaming service of Ducks football that you can access from the entire United States.

Now, you don’t have to be in range of a radio station in order to pick up Ducks football. Instead, you can use a streaming service called TuneIn. Anywhere you have access to an internet connection or a data service, you can use TuneIn to find the game. All you need to do is find a station that is broadcasting the game and use TuneIn and the internet to stream the broadcast. This is a great way for fans to listen in, even if they don’t have a way to catch the action with a video service.

These streaming services are the new way that thousands of Ducks fans are keeping in touch with their University of Oregon football team this season. There’s no reason to fork over big bucks for a cable package when you only want to watch your Ducks in action. These streaming services offer everything you want and nothing that you don’t. Choose the service that best meets your needs and get in on the action today.

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