Watch Oregon Basketball Online Free Without Cable

While the Oregon Basketball team has had an impressive run in the past few seasons, supports are expecting to catch more of the same in the coming year. Many fans without cable will be eager to catch the 2016-2017 seasons by watching Oregon Ducks basketball live stream online. They can watch Oregon Ducks basketball online free via various online live streaming services.

Exorbitant cable costs are an impediment for many homes that thrive on live TV. Streaming their favorite programs online has become the best replacement for cable availing an array of live broadcasts from a variety of channels.

DirecTV Now and Sling TV are some of the top online networks that offer such streaming services. You also will find several networks that offer free packages; therefore, you will have little reasons for missing to watch Oregon Ducks basketball online free. So, what options are there for you?

Watch Ducks Game on Sling TV, Hulu and DirecTV Now

Finding live stream on the internet isn’t hard anymore if you are a subscriber to our preferred live TV service providers (Sling TV, Hulu & DirecTV Now). All three services come with a 7 day free trial offer, and you can cancel anytime.

Sling TV is the cheapest of the three services with an entry level price of $20 per month which includes a one week free option.  DirecTV Now and Hulu are a little more expensive, but they offer more channels than that of Sling TV’s basic package. Sling TV has the PAC 12 Network which is a must have if you are going to follow the Ducks all the way through the march madness tournament.

Watch Oregon Ducks Basketball Online via Playstation Vue

Sony created a live TV service that is not only popular to gamers, but is taking off with regular people as well. With Playstation Vue, you can stream live sporting events online without the need of a cable subscription. The cost to sign up to Vue is more expensive than that of Sling TV, but they offer some channels that Sling TV does not.

Vue is unique in that it allows you to stream multiple devices, and you can watch live content on your PS3. The negatives are that Vue cost too much, and some channels aren’t available in certain markets. However, Vue is a quality service for those that can afford it.

Watch Oregon Ducks Basketball Online On The WatchESPN App

ESPN is big on everything sports so expect the channel to broadcast the Oregon basketball games live. You can watch the game on ESPN3 via its WatchESPN website. Alternatively, you can opt to watch Oregon Ducks basketball online free through your Apple TV, XBOX, Playstation, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. You can start by checking for various internet providers who are approved by ESPN if you have an XBOX Live Gold Membership.

Catch the Oregon Basketball Game Online Live On-The-Go

You will not miss every minute of the actions when the Ducks step onto the courts if you love watching the game while on-the-go. Just get a CBS sports app and get to watch Oregon Ducks basketball online free or the NCAA March Madness Live App. Either app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. The CBS Sports app will be one of the best places to watch the Oregon Ducks basketball online since it is the official network airing the NCAA Basketball tournament.

It always is better to know the game schedule for your favorite team so that you know the match day and plan ahead accordingly. Try and get your hands on the 2016-2017 season schedules as so that you can know where to try and watch Oregon Ducks basketball online free.