Legally Watch Ole Miss Football Online Free Without Cable

The University of Mississippi is better known as Ole Miss to its alumni and friends. Ole Miss football competes in the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and in the NCAA. One of the oldest and long-running football traditions, Ole Miss football has won both SEC titles and national titles.

Once in 1904, the team scored 114 points in a single game. And the speed limit on the Ole Miss campus is 18 because famed NFL player Archie Manning wore the number 18 during his years as an Ole Miss Rebel. The Rebel’s biggest rivals are Mississippi State, Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama, to name just a few SEC competitors.
Ole Miss athletes are affectionately nicknamed the Rebels. And for those sports fans wanting to be rebels from their cable subscriptions, there’s no need to pay for expensive cable anymore. Take a stand and watch Ole Miss on your own terms.

Thanks to modern technology, cable is about to become a thing of the past. These services let people choose just the channels they watch the most. There’s no need to pay for twenty cooking channels if you’re a sports fan. You can pay for only the most popular channels.

If you have one of these new cable killers, you know that they are easier to use and more reasonably priced than traditional cable. If you aren’t already in on the action, continue reading to find out how you, too, can get in on the game.

Several streaming options have come along in recent years, and cable companies are worried. These services don’t know the meaning of the word bundle. They don’t sign you up for long-term commitments you don’t want, either. These streaming services are legal and easy to use. Are you intrigued? Read on.

Watch Ole Miss Games Live On Sling TV – Free Trial

There’s a new streaming service developed with you, the fan, in mind. It’s called Sling TV. To watch your favorite Ole Miss Rebels, this fine service ofers the best options at an affordable price. You only need an internet connection and you have your favorite sports family of networks at your fingertips. One subscription comes with access to ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.

Are you on the go? Just go to the WatchESPN App and you watch these fine ESPN channels from your phone or any compatible device. If you have the internet, you’re good to go. Sling TV know you’re too busy to stay in one place, so they bring the magic of ESPN’s family of channels directly to you wherever you are. And if ABC ever broadcasts an Ole Miss match up, you can find it on your WatchESPN app, too.

With service beginning at $20 per month, you never need to miss Ole Miss football this year. And these fine channels also broadcast your other Rebel favorites throughout the year. There is never a contract to sign. You can sign up for service when you want and cancel it when you don’t.

If your Ole Miss Rebels take you even further, you can get Sling TV’s Sports Extra Package. This add-on gives you an all-access pass to ESPNU, ESPNews and the unrivaled SEC Network. This is affordable for serious and casual fans alike, at only $5 more each month. This combination of service provides access to almost all Ole Miss football games and to most of the games in the entire SEC conference. That’s coverage for the serious Ole Miss fan.

Sling TV’s outstanding service is tailored for any compatible device. If your favorite device is a computer, Sling TV works for you. If you prefer to watch on your phone while you sit at an airport or coffee shop, Sling TV let you log right in with ease. Sling TV also works with connected television, so you can watch your Ole Miss Rebels on the biggest screen you can find. For new users, check out the service’s seven-day free trial. There’s no cost and no obligation.

For a short time, Sling TV is offering new customers the chance to sign on for three months of service. Not only covering most of the football season, for fans willing to make the leap, you get a free Roku 2 in exchange for your loyalty, when you sign up for three months of sergice . If that’s not your style, you can opt for a big discount on three months of Apple TV service. If you get this discount, Sling TV’s service pays for itself over the three months.

CBS All-Access, All the Time

CBS has also found a way to give sports fans access to its broadcast excellence. For a low monthly fee of $5.99 per month, you can access CBS local affiliate programming from across the country. This service also provides on-demand programming from CBS’ dominant lineup of its hit comedy series and other hit shows. Like Sling-TV, the service also offers a free week-long trial for new members.

DirecTV Now, Hulu, PlayStation Vue Brings Ole Miss to You

You can also get in on the best of the Ole Miss Rebels with PlayStation Vue, powered by Sony. This service is similar to Sling TV. It streams live television to you using an internet connection and your compatible device. It provides you, the serious fan, with the most popular channels, and there’s no subscription required.

On the down side, PlayStation Vue is pricier than Sling TV, starting at $29.99 per month for the most basic packages. It’s also hard to stream away from your primary device. This is because of restrictions created by PlayStation Vue.

Get the SEC on CBS via OTA Antenna

Traditional CBS broadcasting is also a great way to see the Ole Miss Rebels take the gridiron. Each week, CBS commits to broadcasting at least one SEC game. These games are still free to anyone who can pick up CBS with a basic television antenna. No doubt, this service brings you some great Ole Miss contests during football season. You just need a television antenna and the biggest television you can find to watch the game.

With a Tablo DVR, you can record the game and watch it when it works best for you. CBS also offers a live stream of its CBS programming. If a game is on the air, it’s also online. Head to CBS’ website and watch without any cost and without having to create an account.

With so many options, there’s something for every Ole Miss fan. Whether you like to take in a little, casual football or you never miss a game all year, new streaming services have you covered. Ditch the cable and enjoy the game.