How to Watch Oklahoma State Football Online Without Cable

Oklahoma State University has some of the smartest and most enthusiastic football fans. OK State fans know their football and they cheer with enthusiasm. Fan enthusiastically cheer on the orange and black on beautiful afternoons in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Each year, students, alumni and friends of the school flock to campus to participate in the school’s legendary, over-the-top homecoming festivities.

Originally known as Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, the university today has more than 30,000 students enrolled annually. It consistently ranks as one of the top veterinary schools in the country. It has a wide variety of programs and degree offerings.

In addition to its fine football program, OK State has a wildly successful wrestling program. It has also won a number of championships in other programs, including cross country, golf and equestrian. Fans enthusiastically support all of these Cowboys in action, and Oklahoma State University is synonymous with winning.

The Oklahoma State University football team plays in the Big 12 Conference. Boone Pickens Stadium is home to the football team that has been competing since 1901. The Cowboys have several notable rivals, including Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas Tech. Barry Sanders won a Heisman Trophy while at the school in 1988. Other notable players have won many other awards over the years. The school’s mascot is Pistol Pete.

Fans of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys want to feel like they’re a part of the action, no matter where they go. There is no reason to miss the game if you can’t attend it in person. There’s also no need to spend all of your extra cash on fancy cable packages that give you more than you even ask for.

Today, OK-State fans can stay up to date on all of the action and see and hear their favorite team as the games unfold. Companies today have unveiled new, state-of-the-art services that allow subscribers to watch their favorite teams using an internet connection and a streaming device. Keep reading to see how these services can be yours at a reasonable price.

Sling TV Lets You See OK-State Football (Free Trial)

One of the top new services that allows you to choose only the services you watch most is Sling TV. Brought to you with all the prestige of Dish Network, Sling TV allows you to use an internet connection to watch your favorite cable programming without using a cable at all. Subscribers can choose their favorite channels and pay a lower fee than the cost of a traditional cable package.

Sling TV offers two basic packages, the Orange package and the Blue package. The Orange package focuses on ABC’s family of channels, including ESPN and its bonus channels, ESPN2 and ESPN 3. If ABC broadcasts any OK-State games over its traditional airways, you can use Sling TV to tune into that broadcast as well. Sling TV’s Blue package gives the subscriber access to NBC and selected FOX broadcasting. A basic package costs only $20 per month, which is a mere fraction of costly cable.

With Sling TV, users only need one login to access their Sling TV account and ESPN’s programming. Just go to the WatchESPN App and use the same login and password that you’ve been using for Sling TV. The same information gets you right in to watch the big games. Catch all of the expert commentary and bonus content that you get with this fine package of channels from Sling TV. It all comes at the right price.

PlayStation Vue Is Great for Oklahoma State Cowboys Fans (Free Trial)

Another streaming service that is worthy of cutting cable is Sony’s brainchild, PlayStation Vue. This service has a higher starting price point than Sling TV, costing $30 or $40 a month for the service. The exact amount depends on your location. Since its debut, the service has grown in popularity and is now available across the entire country.
PlayStation Vue works with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console, so users can watch their favorite football games while the children take a break from serious video game play. PlayState Vue also works with a number of other streaming devices that are compatible with the service.

The service comes with a basic package of the most popular channels and then adds on optional services that members can purchase for a slight increase in monthly fees.

There’s no commitment with PlayStation Vue. You can use it when you want it and walk away if you don’t. That the sign of a great service because Sony is so convinced that it can keep customers because it offers great service that it doesn’t make you sign up for a long contract to keep you locked in. PlayStation Vue offers you a free trial of it’s services in case you’re not already sold.

Aim the Antenna

There are several Oklahoma State football games that the big broadcast networks plan to broadcast live this upcoming football season. These games come to you over the free airways on stations like FOX, ABC and CBS. You don’t need any fancy subscription service, just a good, old-fashioned digital antenna to pull the signal out of the air.
To make this service even better, you can use a Tablo DVR.

This digital video recorder captures the television programming coming through the airways and allows you to watch it whenever you want to. Tablo works with internet or ethernet connections, too. This puts television broadcasting services in the hands of consumers who can choose to watch the big game on their own time.

TuneIn Radio Streaming Services

Modern technology also means that today, you don’t have to live near a radio station in order to hear its broadcast. Today, you can find your favorite OK-State team on the radio and listen in, wherever you are. TuneIn is a service that brings you local radio broadcasting that is streamed over the internet. There’s no cost for this service and you only need an internet connection and a web browser.

These options allow fans of Oklahoma State University to ditch the cable that’s dragging them down. They can use more affordable services that allow them to pay for bonus packages for only the channels that they watch the most. This allows the biggest Cowboys fans to score the extra point by keeping cash in their wallet.

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