Watch Oklahoma Sooners Basketball Games Online Without Cable

Who doesn’t love to watch the Oklahoma Sooners basketball team face off with their Big 12 rival, Baylor Bears. Because of the internet, you can now stream both teams online without the need of a cable subscription.

There are several options available to sport fans, who are tired of the ever increasing cost of a cable package. Ditching cable used to be a drag because the options available to stream live sports was regulated to shoddy, illegal websites loaded with malware.

Nowadays you can ditch cable, and watch sport legally. I am going to discuss several ways that you can watch Sooner games live online, and sometimes for free.

Watch OU games Live on DirecTV Now

There are several legitimate services online that stream live college basketball games, and one of them is DirecTV Now by AT&T. DirecTV Now has a very interesting entry level plan for those who really want to ditch cable. For $35 per month, you can get channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, TNT and host of other sport channels.

Since Oklahoma will likely have games on the ESPN network, it is imperative that any online streaming service that you sign up to carry the ESPN. The fact that DirecTV Now offers a 7-day free trial to every subscriber makes switching from cable a lot easier.

Watch OU Basketball on Sling TV And Hulu

Sling TV is most likely the best and most cost-effective means of accessing OU basketball live stream through ESPN. It is a mere twenty dollars per month for full access to hundreds of programming and if you are a T-Mobile subscriber, its only fourteen dollars per month. Sling TV offers a free trial, so get all your OU basketball highlights and watch Oklahoma basketball online for free during that period.

Similar to Sling, there is a new streaming service called Hulu that live streams college basketball games. The Hulu channel list will be packed with many of the best sport networks like ESPN and ABC.

Live Sooner Games on Play Station Vue

Play Station Vue allows you to enjoy live feeds of movies, network channels, sports and news that are cost effective if you want to watch OU basketball live feed and get all your OU basketball highlights on the cheap. With their Access Slim package, it includes network TV and ESPN plus many more channels, which will allow you to watch Oklahoma basketball online free for only twenty-nine ninety-nine per month and right now they are offering a free trial as well.

Watch Oklahoma Basketball On The WatchESPN APP

The WatchESPN App allows you to access all your favorite live streaming sports such as OU basketball live stream on any device. You can access WatchESPN on a tablet, smartphone, Xbox, Apple TV and many more.

WatchESPN app allows you stream games on any device including, but not limited to laptops, cellphones, tablets and desktop computers. Keep in mind, you will need to be a subscriber of a participating provider like Sling TV or DirecTV Now to stream live content on the APP.

Cellphone Provider

Certain cell phone providers, like T-Mobile and Verizon, offer the ESPN mobile app with a college football add-on so you can gain access to OU basketball live stream and OU basketball highlights as you so desire. You will need to view this from your smartphone unless you have streaming options like Apple TV, Chromecast or some other means.

There is nothing better than not being held down by a cable cord, so if you want to watch Oklahoma basketball online free, these are all great options. Choose the best option for you and get OU basketball live stream and OU basketball highlights for little to nothing per month.