How to Legally Watch OKC Thunders Tonight Online Free Without Cable

Oklahoma City Thunders fans have been eager and excited to see the new NBA season start more than anyone else. At the last year’s close playoffs series defeat, the team seems determined to rectify that this year. Their fans are just as determined to watch them try. If you’re one of those fans who don’t want to miss out on seeing how far they go this season, we have a few methods in this guide that might just help solve that problem.

There’s no need to worry about that high cable bill. You can cancel that service and still have access to all of the same great entertainment that you’ll need, especially if you like to see Oklahoma City Thunders games online. Keep in mind that each and every method listed below is completely legal. You’ll find some of the most affordable services and free methods around. We bet a few of them you didn’t even know existed.

Continue reading and find out what we mean.

Sling TV for Watching the Oklahoma City Thunders Game Online

Sling TV should be one of the first services you consider getting after you’ve left the cable company. Not only will you get a lot of the same content as on cable, but with Sling TV, you’ll be paying a much more affordable price.

It works like this:

Access to a good internet connection = Access to Sling TV Perfect for using on devices like smart phones, Roku, Chromecast, tablets, pc, etc.

Access to at least 25 popular cable stations Included in the packages are channels like ESPN, FOOD NETWORK, CNN, AMC, and more Can be used at ANYTIME.

Broadcasts of NBA games on the ESPN and TNT ABC Network = live NBA games on the WatchESPN App Live streams of Thunders game on TNT, ABC, and even ESPN NO contracts are requirement to use the service Basic Sling TV is only $20 each month Sling Blue package costs $25 a month, and includes well over 40 channels 1 FULL WEEK OF FREE SLING TV SERVICE.

With the Sling TV service providing so much to it’s users, it’s understandable how so many people think so highly of it. NBA fanatics are offered ESPN and TNT streaming, that’ll be great during the regular season for live streams as well as during the NBA playoffs.

Weekly broadcasts of the NBA games are shown ESPN every Wednesdays and Fridays. The TNT station broadcast a game and streams it live each Thursday and Tuesday (sometimes). Keep in mind though, the ESPN is not included in all packages.

As mentioned above, you’ll also get access to the WatchESPN App on your smartphone or tablet thanks to Sling TV. Using the app will let you view live NBA games on ABC.

In simple terms, the best service to watch online Oklahoma City Thunders games is hands-down Sling TV. If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you should try it out, consider these bonuses:

A 3-month paid subscription gets you a free Roku A 3-month paid subscription gets you an Apple TV at a discounted price 7 entire days to try the Sling TV service absolutely FREE

OKC Thunders Games Online and NBA League Pass

Even though services such as Sling TV offer subscribers a huge variety of content to stream at their convenience, if basketball is all you really care to see, then the NBA League Pass service will provide you with all of the NBA coverage you’ll need.

Since the NBA League Pass service is owned by the NBA, it offers more NBA coverage than any other service currently available. There is a blackout of the local teams. We’ll talk about that later.

What’s offered in NBA League Pass? Here’s some details:

Complete coverage of every game during the entire NBA On-demand access to each the replays of all games this season in HD HD On-demand access to replays of every playoff game HD On-demand access to past season’s NBA classical games.

Let’s get back to addressing those local blackouts we mentioned earlier. Because all of the local cable networks own the rights to broadcast in local areas, NBA League Pass won’t show those local team games. Oklahoma City Thunders fans residing in Oklahoma won’t be able to catch live streams of the match using the NBA League Pass service. However, they can view replays after the matches have ended.

There are also a few different versions of the NBA league pass, each with its own features:

There’s the NBA League Pass service which offers live streaming and replays of the entire NBA league (excluding local blackouts) and costs $199.99 each season.

The NBA Team Pass service also provides live streaming and replays of NBA games but only for a one team that you choose (excluding blackouts) for around $119.99 each season.

Finally, there’s the NBA Single Game Pass service which provides live streaming of only one game you decide on. This makes it a great option for viewing only those games you find important. Each game is only $6.99.

Something that’s also worth acknowledging is you can watch games on multiple devices. This service is compatible with pretty much any device that can stream live events. NBA super fans will get the most out of this service. If you don’t live in the Memphis area, Memphis Grizzlies fans should definitely check this out.

Watch Oklahoma City Thunders Online Using Playstation Vue

Another new service that provides a pretty decent way to watch Oklahoma City Thunders games online is PlayStation Vue.

Depending on the plan you choose (there are many), you’ll have access to between 50 and 100 different channels. Many of them are the same channels that can be found on cable. Accessing these channels will cost you about $30 a month. Live sports can only be viewed on 2 of the popular channels that Vue provides access to. These channels are TNT and ESPN.

That might sound bad at first, but for NBA fans, those are basically the only channels they’ll need. As we previously mentioned when covering the sling TV details, ESPN and TNT air more than 100 live games throughout the NBA season. So, it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to view the games you one of you. Just make sure you check the schedule. If you want more details on the PlayStation Vue service, check out our in-depth review of it.

DirecTV Now, Youtube Unplugged, Hulu, Apple TV & Vidgo

There are so many new live TV service entering the industry it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Here are five that has potential to overtake Sling TV as the most popular online TV service.

  • DirecTV Now: This service owned by AT&T come with a free trial that includes 100 channels for $35.
  • Hulu: This service owned by the Walt Disney Channel & Comcast broadcast live TV, and comes with a free trial.
  • Youtube Unplugged owned by tech giant Google will launch in the first quarter of 2017.
  • Vidgo, currently in the Beta testing phase, claims to be able to allow user to pay for only the channels they want (e.i. a la carte). We can’t endorse this product just yet until it launches to the general public. However it’s worth keeping an eye on.
  • Apple TV doesn’t have a live TV package per se, but they do host several APPS that do stream live TV. Application such as Sling TV, Playstation Vue, Hulu and DirecTV Now are all hosted on all Apple TV devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Watch Oklahoma City Thunders Games Live – HD Antenna

Here’s one of our favorite methods for Oklahoma City Thunders fans to watch live games. This method is free and legal. Numerous networks such as ABC tend to broadcast their shows over the air (OTA) live. Picking up on these broadcast is easy when you have the right equipment. An HD antenna added to your television set will enable you to view all programs available in your area. That even includes the basketball games occasionally aired on the ABC network. As long as you know what time they’ll be on, you can tone and watch them without a problem.

We are very aware that everyone doesn’t always have enough free time to sit and watch television when they like to so we suggest adding a DVR device to record shows and events that you won’t be able to watch when they are aired. Later wrongly you have a moment, come back and enjoy them. The good news about this method is that you don’t have to wait to implement. You literally can start watching live over the air streams at this very moment provided you have an HD antenna available. That’s basically the only requirement.

Viewing Oklahoma City Thunders Games – Internationally

International readers don’t have to miss out on taking advantage of any of the methods mentioned because they don’t reside in the USA. Using a VPN (virtual private network) service will enable you to have access to all of the services mentioned above. The NBA league pass even has an international version of it service that comes with all of the features of the full package but doesn’t have any local team blackouts ever. It’s actually one of the best options if you can afford the price and live outside of the country.

We’ve searched high and low to come up with these methods for you to be able to watch Oklahoma City Thunders games online. We hope that you go out and make use of the information. It would be a real shame if you didn’t.