Legally Watch Ohio State Football Games Online Free Without Cable

So you can’t watch the Ohio State football games on cable. Maybe you just can’t afford it at this time. No problem. You can now catch every game every single week via more than 30 radio stations statewide over the Ohio State IMG Radio Network.

All games will feature a very quality pre-game show and a post-game show. And is only one of the many great alternatives to catching the game at home without cable. There are many. And most options aren’t hard to find those alternatives. It may be a chore to actually access some of them in your neck of the woods, but it is always well worth it.

Watch Buckeye Games Live on DirecTV Now

One of the best of these alternatives is via DIRECTTV NOW, an internet-based service that airs live TV. This is both very legal and very easy. In fact, many considerate it much better than cable itself. There is the quality itself and then there is the fact of no long-term contracts and super expensive cable bills. It does cost, but is only $35 per month. This will get you access to more than 60 channels with the option to cancel immediately and at any time. It may very well become the most popular method of watching sports in the near future.

With so many channels, there is definitely entertaining to be found for everyone in the family: The most current movies and shows and the most popular kids shows on the likes of Disney Channel, NickJr, and Discovery. But that is only a few examples of what you will find. There is much more for every taste. But for the sports fan who just wants to catch the games, DIRECTTV NOW includes the sports fan faves: ESPN, ESPN2, and Big Ten Network. All you need to get started is a compatible device. This includes a computer, smartphone, tablet, or a TV via a streaming player.

Live Streaming OSU Football Games on Sling TV

Another popular option is the internet-based service, Sling TV. This method is particularly favored by sports fans. And as far as we are concerned, this may be one of the best Ohio State game viewing options. However, Sling TV does have quite a bit fewer channels than DIRECTTV NOW. This option will give you and your family access to more than 30 channels. If your family is fine with the fewer channel options, this is a great non-cable sports option. Going this route will only cost you $20 a month with the ability to cancel immediately and at any time.

That $20 per month is for the basic package. Although the basic package does have pretty much all a sports fan really needs, there are some cool additional features you can add to your plan for an added price. For a bit more you can add WatchESPN, which gives you the capability of watching Ohio State games on ABC.

For just $5 more per month you can add the full Sports Extra Packages which will give you full access to wide variety of sports-related channels and features. Currently, prospective new customers have the option of trying Sling TV for the first seven days completely free.

There is currently also an offer for a free Roku 2 or big savings off an Apple TV, either or option comes with a prepayment of the first three months. Both of these devices will put the 30-plus channels of Sling TV on your television. This may be a bit pricier, but it will be more than worth it for the sports fans in our midst.

Watch Ohio State Football Games on Playstation Vue Without Cable

For yet another very option: PlayStation Vue, Sony’s live streaming service. This is actually very similar to Sling TV, though probably not quite as good from a sports fan point of view. (But understand that it is still very, very good!) There are three different channel packages for Vue, all with lots of channels, and all priced at between $30-$40 per month.

Not only is Sling TV a better service, at $20 per month for basic, it is cheaper as well. In addition, Sling allows you to access your plan when you are outside your home, Vue doesn’t. Although Vue has a few features that Sling doesn’t, Sling is still probably the better sports option of the two.

Use an over the air Antenna To Stream OSU Football Games For Free

Don’t want to fork out monthly payments for the experience? No problem.You can also just use an antenna. Antenna technology has come a long way. With today’s average decent antenna you can usually access FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS. This will place all the games on your TV for a very minimal cost.

Many times you can even reach more than these channels that are listed. You can even use Tablo DVR in conjunction with your antenna to live stream from your phone, tablet or computer. With this you will also get the ability not only to play it, but do multiple things like recording, pausing, etc.

You always be able to do with a Tablo DVR and antenna combo wherever you are as long as you have access to an internet connection. So wherever you are, if you want to go this route, you may have to pay for an internet connection anyway.

This article opened up with stating how there are many stations throughout the state of Ohio that air Ohio State game broadcasts. There is a wide range of these radio broadcast platforms. There are even some TV stations that air live audio broadcasts. There are some radio shows that even dedicate whole days or at least several straight to football broadcasts.

Listen To OSU Football Games Online Free

For instance, IMG’s College Football Blitz usually broadcasts ten hours of college football every Saturday from noon until about ten. Yeah, they’re serious about their Ohio State Football. One of these many great, weekly sports radio shows is an excellent source for Ohio State game viewing.

What we have described here is only a fraction of the possible ways to watch or listen to Ohio State football games the most popular ways and probably the best-but only a fraction. Check out the options and see what works best for you. Just know that you always have the capability of catching the big game no matter what.