How to Watch NFL Preseason Games Live Without Cable Free

The NFL is more popular than ever before. Each year the players reach new heights and break records. Fans start early to scout their favorite teams and see who might go all of the way to the Superbowl this year.

Each August, fans can’t wait to see how their favorite team looks for the new season. Preseason games are the first chance to see what this year’s team can do. It’s a chance to see how the team stacks up to other teams across the NFL.

NFL Fans Punt Their Cable Contracts

Fans want to find new ways to follow all of the action. They want to watch NFL preseason games online. With content more available than ever before, fans want more options to watch their favorite teams. Fortunately there are ways you can tune into the NFL today without ever signing up for a cable contract. Instead, the NFL preseason games come to you today over the internet.

You just need a device to use to watch the games, such as an iOS or Android phone. You can also watch with your computer. Good, old-fashioned antenna television is still an option too. You just need to get a streaming device like a Roku or Chromecast to pull the internet signal and convert it to your television.

Sling TV Options

A great way to keep cable on the sidelines is to subscribe to Sling TV. It works by giving you only the most popular channels for only $20 per month. From there you can pick more channels if you want them. You end up with just the channels you actually watch and the ultimate price is in your control. You can try out the service for seven days for free.

In the orange package of base channels, you get ESPN and ESPN2. You also get other favorites that aren’t sports related like TNT, TBS, CNN and AMC. This group of base channels alone is enough to keep you tuned in to many NFL preseason games.

You don’t have a contract with Sling TV. They know you don’t like having a contract with your phone company and that you don’t want one with your television provider, either. You can watch for as many months as you want and get rid of the service when you want to. You don’t have to give an excuse in order to cancel.

If you opt for the blue package of basic channels, you can get NFL Network. This is a great way to access a lot of the NFL and your other favorite sports. All of the preseason games are on NFL Network. The preseason games don’t all air live but it’s still a great way to see what happens in the NFL preseason. There is also analysis and bonus content. NFL RedZone is another great option with Sling TV, and that is in the Sports Extra package. That gives you highlights from preseason games.

On Demand and NFL Game Pass

The NFL wants fans to have the best access to the games, so it offers NFL Game Pass. For the record, the NFL’s old service, Game Rewind, is discontinued. NFL Game Pass is the replacement.

NFL Game Pass gives you all 256 of the NFL’s regular season games and also many preseason games. You can watch the games using internet streaming with this service. You might be affected by some local blackouts, so pay attention to that.

You can use streaming players to watch NFL Game Pass on your television. Apple TV is a good option and it works with Xbox One. Computers and smartphones are other common options, too.

PlayStation Vue Service

PlayStation Vue is another streaming service that allows you to access channels that include ESPN, FOX and NBC. PlayStation Vue lets you stream live, while FOX and NBC are on-demand options with this service. You get more channels with PlayStation Vue than with Sling TV, but you don’t have the option to choose fewer channels in exchange for the lower price. The service is looking at adding NFL Network.

You can use the service for as long as you like and pay by the month. It works on Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS and Roku, to name a few. Beware of mobile limitations.

Antenna Television

Use your digital television and antenna to watch NFL preseason games. Lots of the major networks air a few preseason games each year. Check CBS, FOX and NBC to see what airs in your area. This is free to watch if you can get a signal. You’re likely to have more limited options with over-the-air broadcasting than if you watch NFL preseason games online, but it’s still a good option for seeing a few games each year.

Watch Football Games Live on Hulu and DirecTV Now

Another cable alternative is DirecTV Now and Hulu. Both streaming services will broadcast live preseason games online without cable.