How to Watch The NFL Network Online Free Without Cable

When you think American football, there is no bigger thought that comes to your mind then the NFL. This is the only responsible for turning one of America’s most popular national sports into a global phenomenon.

It’s no wonder that they have put a legal stranglehold on all of the branding rights for the various teams that bring their millions of fans extreme joy (and some disappointments) season after season.

Due to all of the legalities involved, viewing live streams of the football games without the use of cable television or a satellite used to be considered pretty much impossible. Keep in mind that we said “used to be”, but will elaborate on that in a few.

The NFL felt its fans needed a special place where they could follow not only their favorite team in the league, but the entire league as a whole all season long. This even included news from around the league as well. To cater to those needs of their loyal fans, they created the NFL network.

Each and every Thursday night during the season, football fans can tune and view the ever popular “Thursday Night Football” game aired on the network. They can also catch another popular show known as “NFL Red Zone”.

All of the NFL’s preseason games are also posted on the NFL network, so fans looking to get an idea of how their team will do during the regular season might just want to check them out.

NFL Red Zone

Speaking of the “NFL Red Zone”, it’s only fair to mention that having access to this is a benefit all on its own. No matter what your location is, you’ll be able to follow along with every game closely thanks to the constant live play-by-play coverage.

Coverage of the games switch from one game to another the entire Sunday so you won’t miss anything. All fantasy football fans know the importance of keeping up with every game as opposed to just their favorite team’s. If you think it’s hard to watch any game you want without access to an extremely overpriced cable subscription, well, you’re right…. Okay, we’re joking! Remember? In the previous paragraph, we told you to keep in mind that we said “used to be”.

Watching any game you want, pretty much whenever you want, online is actually a lot easier than those cable companies would like you to believe. So, allow us to pull back the veil and illustrate a few methods you can use to watch a NFL network live stream online without the use of cable.

Watch NFL Network Online with Sling TV

As part of their new additions, Sling TV has decided to include a few more channels in its Sling Blue package. At no extra cost, the NFL Network and NFL RedZone are now a part of the package. The NFL RedZone addition can also be found in Sling TV’s “Sports Extra” service add-on.

With this news release, Sling TV, which is was already a perfect service for online streaming of NFL games, just got 10xs better! If you’ve never heard of the service before, here a few of details to help out:

Sling TV is a completely contract/commitment free online streaming service It has numerous packages with channels that range from 25 to over 60 It’s extremely affordable with its lowest service starting at $20 a month and the largest only $40 a month.

You can easily enjoy a ton of live football on channels like ESPN, the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NBC, FOX, ESPN2, and more Popular entertainment channels like AMC, CNN, PBS, A&E, TNT, Comedy Central, HGTV, TBS and others are included Can view the NFL Network using an Apple TV, Roku device, and/or other streaming devices Smart Phones, Smart TV, computers, etc. are also compatible Prepaying for 3 months of service gets you a FREE Roku or a discounted Apple TV.

Be aware that Thursday Night Football games that air during the same time as on networks such as CBS will be blacked out on NFL Network. If they’re shown on NBC, however, they will be available to watch.

With the NFL Network and NFL RedZone being included, Sling TV has gone from being a contender for the #1 spot for online streaming service of live entertainment, to the crowned champion. Check out our full Sling TV review for more details. If you feel as though you are likely to have this service for quite a while, we strongly suggest that you claim one of the promotions and grab a FREE Roku device or Apple TV to enjoy watching live NFL Network streams with.

Since each one of the 65 preseason NFL games will be hosted on the NFL Network channel, you’ll find live streaming of the NFL Preseason to your liking. Even though ALL of the games won’t be aired live, you’ll still be able to watch replays of the ones that aren’t. So, you’ll still be okay.

Try Sling TV free for a full week!

PlayStation Vue and NFL Network Streaming

We’d like to mention another new streaming service from Sony. It’s called PlayStation Vue. The service is similar to that of sling TV in that it allows its users access to the NFL Network. The PlayStation Vue service starts at around $30 a month, and even though more expensive than sling TV, many people still consider it a good option.

The Vue packages offer more than 50 channels to its monthly members. Subscribers should know that this service is that it doesn’t allow streaming of its content outside of the user’s home network. It does work on a few devices, but ones such as Apple TV and a few others aren’t supported. Since they recently announced providing access to the NFL Network, we felt they were an online service that should be mentioned.

We’ve written a great review on this service that you should check out.

VIDGO Set to Launch with Live Streams of the NFL Network

With its customizable packages, the newest online streaming service, VIDGO, has also made it known that the NFL Newtork will be available as part of their services as well when it officially launches. This is going to be EPIC! Being as though we don’t have all of the complete details yet, we won’t get too in detail. We’re well aware that things can change in the future and we don’t want to be the reason why you end up disappointed.

What we DO know however, is VIDGO says it will offer LIVE TV and streaming of a ton of networks including local ones ALL in HD. PBS will even be a part of their channel roster.

When the NFL Network is added to their customizable, build your own packages, we expect this service to quickly become one of the leaders in the online streaming service industry. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one and so should you!

Any Other Services Offer NFL Network Access?

At the current moment, there aren’t too many online streaming that offer access to the NFL Network. As time goes on and the demand rises, we’re sure more and more services will start though. You can be sure that we’ll be right on top of it too! Check back with us for future updates. When we know, you’ll know! :-).