How to Watch NFL Draft Live Online Free Without Cable

The NFL is one of the most prominent sports organizations in the entire world. Players and fans alike wait eagerly for the NFL draft to happen each year. The draft sets the stage for the success of each team. It makes dreams come true and breaks hearts of professional sports hopefuls.

The NFL draft happens at the end of April each year. It occurs at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater. It’s so popular that two different channels choose to air it live. These channels are the NFL Network and ESPN. You can watch the NFL draft live with these channels.

This is all legal, and you don’t have to have cable to get these channels. Instead, there are ways that you can use an internet connection in order to access these channels without cable. You need to find the television service that works best for you, depending on the channels you want to watch and the price you want to pay. There are lots of options to watch NFL draft online.

Stream The NFL Draft Live on Sling TV

Perhaps the top choice in internet streamed television is Sling TV. The service lets you use the internet connection that you have in order to watch paid television channels using the device of your choice. There is no cable required, and almost all internet connections are fast enough today to make the service work.

Sling TV is great if you want to watch NFL draft online, because it is heavy in ESPN access. You can get ESPN and ESPN2 in one of the base packages of channels for only $20 per month. There are two packages of channels that you get to choose from for your base service. They are called the orange package and the blue package. The orange package is the one that has ESPN, so if you want to watch NFL draft online, this is the way that you want to go. Between the two, the orange package is the less expensive of the base channels, anyways.

Sling TV lets you choose extra channels, too, if that’s what you want to watch. They group the extras into packages by channel. Each one costs only a few dollars more each month. The Sports Extra package gives you even more ESPN channels, and it’s only $5 more each month. You can also select a movie-lover’s channel package, and another one for lifestyle channels. There is another option for HBO and that is an extra $15 per month. Choose as many or as few extras as you want.

The ESPN channel that you get with Sling TV is just like the ESPN channel you get on cable. There’s no difference, only you use your internet connection to bring you the channel, rather than a cable. You can watch as much as you want to. If you want to watch on multiple devices at the same time, you can do that, too, for a bit extra each month.

Sling TV is compatible with a number of television streamers. That means that you can watch television on your television with Sling TV. Sling TV is compatible with a large number of streamers, especially when compared to other streaming services. You can use your Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV or Roku to watch Sling TV on your television. You can also watch on Android or iOS. Check out a number of introductory offers, such as a discount on Apple TV or a free Roku 2 when you agree to three months of service. You can get a discount on Sling TV for a year if you get T-Mobile, and T-Mobile is even kind enough to not count Sling TV as part of your data use records.

PlayStation Vue Live Stream The NFL Draft Online Without Cable

PlayStation Vue is like Sling TV in that it uses the internet to bring you television. There are some key differences. The entry level service is called the Access Slim package. It includes ESPN in the Access Slim package, so you can use this service to watch NFL draft online.

PlayStation Vue costs more than Sling TV, so expect to pay $29.99 or $39.99 out of the box, depending on where you live. The upside, though, is that there are more channels in the base package of channels. That means if you love to click through the channels, this might make more sense for you.

There are not as many options to take PlayStation Vue on the road as you get with Sling TV. PlayStation intends for users to primarily watch at home, so there are some limitations that users don’t like. Streaming devices are also more limited than with other services, though, so you’re going to have to have a late-model PlayStation console, Fire TV or a Chromecast streamer to make it work. You can use an iPad or iPhone to watch, too, but there are still mobile restrictions.

The NFL lets you watch some of the draft directly from their website. Go to and you can watch NFL draft online. This is free. You get NFL coverage and user-generated content. You can talk with others and make predictions. You can also offer opinions on draft picks.

This is not the same programming that you get on NFL Network or ESPN. They mean for it to be supplemental, and not a replacement for other television programming. But it’s a good way to get more content if you can’t get enough.

Verizon Wireless Exclusives

If you have Verizon wireless, you can get the More Everything plan. That gives you use some coverage of the NFL Network’s programming for the NFL draft. You don’t pay extra for it if you have the More Everything plan. If you don’t have the plan, you can buy NFL Mobile for $5 per month. There’s no television streaming compatibility, though, so you watch on your phone or not at all.

Options for Cable Subscribers

If you haven’t yet kicked cable to the curb, you can still watch the NFL draft online. You can use your credentials to use the WatchESPN App. You can do this on a smartphone, computer or tablet. If you get NFL Network as part of your subscription, you can go to or go to the NFL network. The NFL App is also helpful, and if you log into the app with your cable information, you can watch the draft as it happens.

NFL Game Pass International

If you live outside of the United States, NFL Game Pass International is a way that you can watch the NFL draft. This is a streaming service, so you get coverage on your mobile device, computer or streaming player. You can watch the entire draft this way.