What is Netflix? Cost, Packages and Review

Being someone who loves movies and television shows can sometimes be difficult when you really think about it. For example, let’s say there is an amazing movie you’ve been dying to see for a while. Do you see the movie at your local theater? Well as we all know, going to the theater can be expensive. Or do you wait until it’s released on DVD or Blu-Ray? Well, that can also be expensive, plus you’ll have to wait many months for it to be released. Then once you buy it, you may not want to ever see it again.

And as for your TV, there are a few things that can get in the way of you watching one of your favorite shows. For example, maybe the show is on one of those premium channels that you can not afford to buy right now. Or maybe you don’t have enough space on your DVR top record it.

There are just a few of the reasons why so many people love all of the options Netflix provides. When you sign up for Netflix, you’ll instantly get access to thousands of amazing shows and movies. And you can watch as many of the movies and shows you want and as many times as you want. So gone are the days of having to have an actual physical copy of the movie. And with Netflix, you can save so much money by not having to go to the movie theater to watch a newly released movie. And best of all, the service only cost $8 a month.

So what are the specifics of Netflix?

For those of you who never heard of Netflix, it’s basically a website that gives you unlimited access to tons of television shows and movies on a monthly basis. You can watch any of the content in their media library on your computer, smart TV, phone, tablet, smartphone and almost any other modern mobile device.

You can watch any of the shows and movies as much as you want. And it’s what is known as a media streaming service. Which means that instead of having to wait long periods of time for the movie or show to download, you can watch it while the actual media file is being loaded, which saves you plenty of time.

What are some of the shows I can watch with Netflix?

As of right now, Netflix has more than 5500 television shows and movies in it’s media library. That means there is definitely something for everyone to watch! These movies and shows span across many different types of genres. The bulk of them are produced from popular movie networks, but recently, Netflix has been creating lots more original content. Some of the series that are exclusive to Netflix include:

Orange is the New Black – This show is based on the memoir of a character named Piper Kerman. It’s a crime drama that recounts all of Kerman’s experiences while serving a 15-month sentence in an American female-only prison. She was sent to prison for trying to smuggle a case full of drug money. It is definitely one of the best shows that Netflix has to offer! It has won many awards since it was released a few years ago and they are currently filming it’s next season right now.

Hemlock Grove — This show is based in a fictional town called Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. It is a show that highlights the uncanny friendship of a newcomer to the town and an heir of one of the city’s richest families. Together they investigate not only murders but many other strange events that happen throughout their town. This is another one of the best shows on Netflix. If you like shows with suspense and packed with lots of monsters, then you will absolutely love this series. It’s executive produced by one of the most popular horror show producers, Eli Roth.

House of Cards – This is a drama series that originated from another series by the same name from the British Broadcasting Corporation. it is based on a modern day Washington D.C. and it’s about a politician named Frank Underwood who was snubbed out of a role as the U.S. Secretary of State. So now he plots his revenge going after an ever higher position in the white house. This is another show that has won many awards and is currently one of the high rated shows on the internet. The popularity of the show is thanks in large part to its main star Kevin Spacey.

The 5 Steps of Netflix

1. Creating an Account – When you first sign up for a Netflix account, they will show you the various pricing options they have available. Regardless of the month pricing option you choose, you will have access to the entire library of shows and movies. Mainly the different price points is for those people who either want to be able to use their Netflix account on more than one device at the same time or for those who want to be able to watch the movies and shows in the highest of resolutions. So if you can only afford the basic plan, you don’t have to be concerned with missing out on any popular movies and shows. Also, one of the best parts about Netflix is that no matter which plan you choose, you get the first month free!

2. Setup Your Netflix Account On Your Favorite Device – As we previously mentioned, you can use Netflix directly from the website. But there are also a few other ways you can watch it. For example, if you have a newer smart TV, you can run Netflix directly through your television. Also, if you have a gaming console like the Xbox One or the PS4, you can use those as well.

3. Find Your Favorite Shows – Once your account is setup, then you can start either searching for a show or movie, or you can look at the recommended list.

4. The Player – The Netflix player is very versatile. It allows you to play and pause, rewind and fast forward, skip episodes of a show or you can even add subtitles.

5. Watching Movies The Old Fashioned way – If you don’t have a reliable enough internet connection, you can also use DVD.com. It’s a service provided by Netflix for those consumers who for whatever reason would rather the actual physical DVD.