Watch Nebraska Basketball Online Without Cable

Over the last few years more and more Americans are choosing to ditch their cable subscription for online streaming of content. “Cutting the cord” as it is popularly referred to, has grown in popularity due to the associated benefits.

Initially, households demanded more content and TV shows from cable service providers; however, people who only want specific content are finding it difficult to pay exorbitant monthly fees to get tons of content they will never watch. If you only want to watch Nebraska basketball online, it might be worthwhile for you to find a great online streaming site/service.

Read on to find out some of the websites and services you can find a Nebraska basketball live stream online.

Watch Cornhusker Basketball Games on Sling TV

As one of the popular streaming services today, Sling TV offers their viewers access to basketball games through various channels. The service offers an Orange bundle which gives viewers access to TNT and ESPN’s sports broadcasts throughout the week. Viewers, therefore, get the opportunity to stream University of Nebraska basketball online without missing any of the action. You can also watch NBA TV through Sling TV’s Sports Extra Package. This gives you access to a whole season of over 95 basketball games.

Live Stream College Basketball on DirecTV Now Free

Introduced as AT&T’s streaming service, DirecTV Now offers sports enthusiasts the opportunity to watch Nebraska basketball online free at first, after which you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. The streaming service comes with a seven-day free trial period, where users get the opportunity to stream content for free. Interested sports enthusiasts can purchase a bundle for a reduced fee during the offer period, or pay the full $60 per month after it expires.

Download WatchESPN App on Apple TV, Roku & Amazon Fire Stick

WatchESPN and ESPN3 are one of the best websites to watch Nebraska basketball online free. One of the main benefits of streaming Nebraska basketball from this site is that ESPN is mostly dedicated to covering live US games.

The website also comes with an app for both android and iOS devices. This ensures that you can stream the games you want from any location using the device you have.

Streaming players like  Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick has the WatchESPN application pre-installed, so all you have to do is download it. After downloading the application, you’ll be able to stream live NCAA basketball games online for free. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Playstation Vue are another approved platform for ESPN.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is CBS’s only online streaming service. The service provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to watch the Nebraska basketball game live. The service also makes it possible for viewers to stream local games as aired on CBS. There are different packages available on CBS All Access, including one airing commercials from time to time and another free from any commercials.

The above list represents the top services and websites through which you can enjoy a Husker basketball live stream. You can also checkout Hulu Plus and Playstation Vue before making a decision on the best option.