How to Watch NBA Playoffs Without Cable Free

The NBA is always exciting. Fans love to cheer on their favorite team in person or by watching on television. Fortunately today, you can watch the NBA all season long without having to purchase cable. Cable is fouling out with fans all over the country. Instead, you can live stream your favorite NBA team using just the internet and your favorite television, computer or smart phone. It’s legal and it’s an affordable way for you to watch NBA playoffs online.

Watch NBA Playoffs Live on Sling TV (Free Trial)

With ABC owning the rights to the NBA Finals, Sling TV is a good place to start to take cable out of the game. ABC uses its flagship ABC affiliates and ESPN3 to broadcast the NBA playoffs. Sling TV is a subscription service that allows you to watch live television. It uses the internet to bring you live television, just as if you were watching it with cable.

You pay by the month for as long as you want the service. You can use a free seven-day trial without even paying a pretty penny. When you sign up for Sling TV, you get your choice of two entry-level packages. These packages feature just the most popular channels. The orange package has the ABC family of channels, so it’s the best for NBA lovers. The orange package is just $20 per month, but you get ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 as part of that low price. If you have T-Mobile, you can get the same package for only $14 per month as part of a special promotion.

ESPNews is part of the optional Sports Extra package. You can get that package as an extra if you have the Sling TV Orange package. The extra group of channels contains even more of your sports favorites. This combination gives you most NBA games all season long so that you can watch NBA playoffs online.

Sling TV makes it easy to take the NBA on the road. You can use the WatchESPN App to log in and watch, even when you’re away from home. You can even use the same username and password that you use with Sling TV, so you have one-stop shopping to watch the NBA.

Sling TV gives you a number of promo offers to get you in the game. You can get a Roku 2 for free or a Roku 3 for half price. To get the deal you have to sign up for three months of service. There’s never a commitment and you can cancel your service anytime without a hassle or without penalties.

PlayStation Vue Lets you Stream NBA Playoff Games Live

Another similar streaming service is PlayStation Vue and it’s also a good option to substitute out cable. PlayStation Vue starts at $29.99, so it’s more than Sling TV. For the extra price you get more included channels in the basic service, though. With the service you get the ESPN trifecta, including ESPN3, ESPN2 and ESPN.

NBA TV is not a channel option with the service, but there are other ways to see most NBA games, including the playoffs. PlayStation Vue lags behind in device compatibility, so you want to make sure that the service works with the device that you want to watch with primarily. You can use PlayStation Vue with iOS, but the service has some pretty severe restrictions away from the base device that users sometimes cry foul over.

Watch on ABC with an Antenna

You can get some NBA playoff games on ABC. That comes to you free of charge on antenna television. You need a fairly modern television with an antenna that you can use to pick up the signal. The Winegard FlatWave and Mohu Leaf are two antennas that might meet your needs. As the playoffs progress, ABC airs more and more games, including the finals. You can add a DVR so that you can record the games for your convenience.

TNT Overtime

TNT lets you watch a few games through the first couple of playoffs rounds. Even though TNT is primarily a paid television channel, they put some games online for free. This service is called TNT Overtime. Lots of people like TNT Overtime because there are extra camera angles and bonus content.

NBA League Pass

The NBA also offers its own streaming service called NBA League Pass. You can’t watch live playoff games with this service, though, and there are local blackouts, so it’s not a good option if you want to watch your local team. Otherwise, though, you can purchase the service to follow all the teams, a single team or you can purchase single games.