Watch MTV Online Without Cable For Free

When MTV first began, it was all music videos. Recently they added pop-culture series. This has changed the culture of MTV as the cable station markets to the arrival of a new generation. Back in the day, you could only watch MTV with a cable subscription. This is not the case anymore.

You can now watch MTV through several outlets online in the form of live streaming. This means that you can watch MTV from any device and from anywhere in the world. It gives you more freedom to get on with your life without being stuck in front of the television. That’s perhaps the best part about live online streaming.

Stream Content on

First, you can watch MTV shows on their website. Click over to and search for a show. They may not have every episode of every season, but they do have full episodes of the most recent shows to air. These shows are available the day after they were seen on cable television. That’s not too long to wait to get them for free. You almost get them instantly. You can share them out, too, to either Facebook or Twitter. This gives you the opportunity to let others see this great content.

Watch MTV Live on Sling TV

Another option is to sign up for Sling TV (don’t worry you can try it out for free for 7 days). If you subscribe to the ‘blue’ package for $20 per month you’ll get 30 channels. You will be able to watch fantastic networks such as Disney Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel, ESPN, HGTV and CNN.

However in order to watch MTV,  you will be prompted to add the Comedy Extra package for an additional five dollars. This not only gives you MTV and MTV2. It also gives you TV Land, CMT and GSN.

Watch MTV on Apple iTunes

iTunes is yet another way to watch your favorite MTV shows. Simply search iTunes for your favorite MTV show. Each episode generally costs around $2.99. That’s not too expensive if you’re buying an episode every so often. When you buy several episodes together, however, the costs do begin to add up. To save money, you may try investigating options where you can buy the entire season of a show.

Watch VMA For Free on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now launched in November 2016 is another reliable platform that allow users to stream live MTV shows online without cable. DirecTV Now is similar to Sling TV in the sense that you must subscribe to a bundle package in order to access MTV. With DirecTV Now you will have to subscribe to the ‘Live a Little’ budle package in order to gain access to MTV.

If you want to watch the MTV classic channel, you will need to subscribe to the ‘Go Big’ package, which will cost you around $60 a month. DirecTV Now like Sling offers a 7 day free trial, so you can stream the MTV video music awards (VMA) for free for at least seven days.

Watch Full Episodes on Apple TV & Roku

Finally, watch MTV TV shows on any Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and even on Apple TV (what is Apple TV?). Once you download and subscribe to the MTV app, you can stream MTV shows on your cell phone including android devices and the Roku streaming player(what is Roku?). On Roku you can stream MTV and MTV2  without the need for cable.

MTV Shows:

Eye Candy
Faking It
MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)
Finding Carter
Loosely Exactly Nicole
Mary + Jane
The Shannara Chronicles
Teen Wolf