How to Watch MSU Basketball Games Online Without Cable

While it’s true that conventional cable services have been a reliable companion for years to come, the tides have already shifted quite a bit. The truth is that millions of Americans throughout the entire country are making the shift towards video streaming services. It provides you with a wide range of benefits, but one of the important things is that you wouldn’t have to go ahead and pay for the expensive monthly cable subscriptions. The contractual obligation is rather tedious when you come to think of it as the reparations you’d have to pay for it if you wanted to get out are considerable.

One of the things that you might want to take into account is DirecTV Now. This is incredibly appropriate, especially if you want to watch Michigan basketball online free of charge. However, let’s take a closer look at the service and why you might want to rely on it in order to watch Michigan state basketball live stream without having to pay huge charges.

What is DirecTV Now?

This is a brand new service which is placed on the market on behalf of AT&T. The introduction comes with an Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV device to the people who decide to go ahead and sign up. There is a seven-day free trial that you might want to take into account and to your advantage, if you want to watch the Michigan State basketball live Stream.

DirecTV Now has a few different packages. The introductory package comes at $35, and it includes more than a hundred different channels in the video on demand library. They also have more than fourteen thousand available titles for the users to take advantage of.

Comparison – Sling tv or DirecTV Now

Now, when you put DirecTV and Sling TV neck to neck, you can see that the former tries to undercut the majority of the industry standards. Sling TV is only charging $20, but it also provides you with 25 channels. The most luxurious package of Sling TV has 50 channels, and it comes at a price point of $40. This is still lower than DirecTV Now advanced channels, but then again, it offers a significantly lowered amount of channels.

Watch MSU on Sony Playstation Vue & Hulu

Both Hulu and Playstation vue has a live streaming feature for sport fans. Vue is the more seasoned of the two because it has been streaming live content longer than Hulu. Newcomer, Hulu has just entered the live streaming market, but it has a very impressive channel list like ABC, FOX and all of the Disney owned channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU & ESPNews.

Whether you sign up with Vue or Hulu, you’ll get channels that will broadcast MSU basketball games live without the need for a cable subscription. Plus you can try both services for seven days for free. This means that you can catch Spartan games for free before your 7 day is up.

Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

Streaming players like Roku has many apps such as the WatchESPN app and the CBS All Access app that allows sport fans to stream college basketball games online. Apple TV and the Amazon Fire Stick also host a bunch of well known sports app that let fans watch events like the March Madness Tournament without cable.


When it comes to watching the Michigan State basketball live stream, however, there are many options. All solutions mentioned offer a great alternative to conventional cable, and you can easily enjoy your favorite team, without having to worry about this considerable $150 cable bill that you would have to pay at the end of the month.