How to Watch MSNBC Online Free Without Cable

One of the most popular channels on television today is MSNBC. The channel is under the arm of NBCUniversal. It is a leader in news services and it brings consumers some of the most hard hitting and surprising breaking news stories that affect people today. The channel has a fierce following of passionate fans and high ratings among viewers.

Today, television viewers know that there are new ways to watch their favorite television channels. Viewers are loyal to MSNBC, though. When they make the choice to cut cable, they want to know that they can still access the MSNBC live stream without missing even a minute of their favorite shows and commentators.

The good news is that MSNBC is on the cutting edge of both breaking news and television streaming services. There are a lot of things to look forward to about finding an internet-based MSNBC live stream, like election results, debates and expert commentary from MSNBC’s long list of star hosts. Here are the leading ways that cable cutters can watch MSNBC live, without cable:

Watch MSNBC Live on DirecTV NOW (Free Trial)

DirecTV NOW harnesses the internet connection you already have to bring you hit television, just as if you watched with a cable subscription. There’s no cables, though. If your computer, television or phone has an internet connection, you can watch. If you’re wondering how your television can get the internet, there are devices like a Roku that pick up the internet signal for your television and provide you with a friendly user interface for navigation.

At only $35 to get in on the ground floor, DirecTV is much less expensive than cable. You can choose from a variety of packages that include your favorites such as USA, VH1, MTV and MSNBC. There are extras, too. One of the special extras from DirecTV is HBO for only $5 per month. It’s much more expensive from other providers.

DirecTV is so sure that you’ll like their service that they offer a free trial for seven days. If you want to agree to a month of service you can get a free streaming device. Get three month’s worth of service off the bat and get Apple TV for free.

Live Stream MSNBC Live on Sling TV (Free Trial)

Sling TV is another internet streaming service. It has more subscribers than DirecTV. If you’re looking for the least expensive way possible to get the MSNBC live stream, this is likely your best bet. You can sign up for a basic package for just $20 or $25 per month. You can take your pick of the $20 orange basic package or the $25 basic blue package.

From there, to get MSNBC, select the World News Extra bonus channel package. It’s only $5 more, but it has MSNBC. The service has other options you can choose, too, and it’s arguably the leader for offering compatibility with the most devices. There’s no requirement to keep the service for any period of time, so you pay only by the month. Try out the free trial or prepay for three months of service to get a $60 discount on Apple TV.

Watch on PlayStation Vue Without Cable

If you’re in the opposite camp from wanting the least expensive option possible, and instead you want the most channels for the best total value, you should look into PlayStation Vue. The service comes from Sony, and it includes CNN and MSNBC. Even though you pay a bit more upfront for the basic package, the service comes with more channels included in the price than you get with the other services. The service was a bit late to the game when it came to making its service compatible with a variety of devices, but there are some cloud and on-demand features that users reporting liking.

Use the MSNBC Website

MSNBC puts some content on its website for free. There’s no cost to access this content but it isn’t the same thing as having MSNBC playing live on your television or device. It’s enough to keep up with breaking news if you haven’t yet settled on your choice of a live stream.


The news channel offers its own app. However you have to have a subscription to paid television to access it. Right now, if you’re looking at internet-based television and the MSNBC App is a big draw for you, your best bet is PlayStation Vue. You can use your credentials to login to the app and watch all of your favorite MSNBC programming, wherever you are.