How to Watch Monday Night Football Online Without Cable

One of the hottest tickets on television is Monday Night Football. It feels like the weekend is back on when you settle in to watch a game after a long Monday back at work. Usually, the biggest game of the week is the pick for Monday Night Football.

Today, fans aren’t turning to cable to watch modern legends play on the gridiron on Monday night. Cable hasn’t made the cut. Today, fans want to watch Monday Night Football online, instead. There are ways to see the best Monday Night Football has to offer using just your already-existing internet connection. These options are legal, convenient and less expensive. Read more to find out what your options are.

DirecTV NOW Live Stream MNF Free

One of the streaming services available today is DirecTV NOW. This service is pay by the month. You start with choosing a small or large base package of channels, and you use the internet to watch on a small device like a computer or phone, or a big television with a streaming device. You don’t need a satellite or a cable.

You can use your Chromecast or Apple TV to watch on television, or use a number of other devices. You can choose the smaller package of channels for $35 per month or choose more than 100 channels for $60 per month. Pay attention because there are a occasional specials that give you the bigger package of channels at the lower price. Try it out for seven days for free with their free trial offer, too.

Sling TV is Certain to Keep Informed

Another great streaming option is Sling TV. This service comes to you in less of a bundle than you get with DirecTV Now, which means that you have more of a say over your channels and the price. The lowest level of service is just $20 and you get the most popular channels for that price.

For people who want to watch Monday Night Football online, there’s ESPN and ESPN2 included right in the base package. That combination alone gives you the football you’re looking for and a lot of great sports in general, live as they air on your favorite ESPN channel.

There are two base packages, and you get your choice. The orange package is the package with ESPN, and it’s only $20 per month. Choose the blue base package and you pay $25 per month. That package includes more FOX and NBC sports programming. After the base package of channels, you also can choose your extras, such as premiums for movies, news, kids or other special interests.

NFL Game Pass

If you don’t want to watch your Monday Night Football on Monday night, NFL Game Pass might meet your needs. It’s an on-demand service, and it’s not live. The good news is that if this is all you want to watch, the price is about as good as you’re going to find.

There are archives that you might enjoy watching. There are also game replays that are condensed. The Monday Night game is usually available very late Monday night, a little while after the end of the game.

PlayStation Vue

You can get ESPN using PlayStation Vue’s streaming service. You need the internet, of course, and either a PlayStation or a number of other devices. The entry level cost is $30 or $40 a month, but you get 50 channels for it, so it’s a good service if you know that you want a lot of channels. With this service, channels really vary by location, so read before you buy.

Verizon Customers – NFL Mobile App

The NFL Mobile App lets you watch Monday Night Football online completely free, if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer. It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re on the fence as to what phone company to choose, because the app offers a great deal of content. The downside to relying on this service is that it only brings you football on the small screen, because you can’t use a streamer to watch on a big television.

Antenna Television

If one of the big broadcasters is airing the game in your locale, you can watch with an HD television and an antenna. There’s no charge or sign up for this service. You just use your television antenna to find the channel broadcast and find the game.

There are DVR options if you can’t watch when the game airs and you want to record it. There are multiple brands of DVR services. Tablo and Magnavox are two options for DVR recorders.

NFL Game Pass International

For fans that don’t live in the United States, check out NFL Game Pass International. This streams NFL regular season football games, and Monday Night Football is included. There are different ways to subscribe depending on if you want one team or all the teams, and what length of service you want. There are some local blackouts.


NFL fans in the United Kingdom should check out NOW TV. You get Sky TV’s sports stations. You get about 100 NFL games this way. You can pay by the day, the week or the month.