How To Watch Minnesota Wild Game Tonight Without Cable Free

Perhaps there is nowhere on earth that hockey is a bigger deal than in Minnesota. From St. Paul, Minnesota, the Minnesota Wild set the standard for the best hockey in the world. It’s not surprising that the Wild have a loyal following of fans who want to watch every minute of the action from St. Paul.

Savvy fans today want to find new ways to watch the action. They want the power play to watch the Wild game tonight without cable. They want only the packages they choose, without being told by the cable company what to buy.

There’s good news for these fans. There are ways that you can watch the Minnesota Wild online. Your internet connection can bring you the best in paid television with no cable required. You might be surprised to learn that this is absolutely legal and there are some powerhouse companies behind the services. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get these services and cut cable for good.

Sling TV Offers Streaming Services (Free Trial)

Sling TV is leading the way with modern streaming services. If you have a fast internet connection, that’s all you need. You use your computer, phone or smart television to watch the channels of your choice. There is no limit to how many hours you can watch. You get to choose from two base packages of channels and then choose your extras. That way, you decide what the price is each month, and you only pay for the channels you choose.

If you want to watch the Minnesota Wild, choose the blue base package instead of the orange base channels. That gives you NBCSN and FOX Sports North. You can also get FOX Sports Wisconsin in some places. The service should also give you a local FOX station if you live near Minneapolis and St. Paul. Read the channel list carefully to make sure it’s the channel package that you’re looking for. The blue base package is $25 per month.

If that’s all you want, you’re good to go. It’s just $25 per month. You can agree to get the service for three months if you want a bonus. You can get a Roku 2 free or other discounts. You can get money off of Apple TV or a Roku 3 if you prefer. People who get T-Mobile also get an extra discount on services, and their use doesn’t count against the data plan.

There are quite a few channels in the base plan. CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, Lifetime and the Weather Channel are all part of the base package. Each of the base packages has a large number of sports channels. From there, you can add on extra channels that you choose. There is a comedy group, a lifestyle group and a news group. There is also a way to add HBO, Starz and Cinemax. Add-on packages range from $5 to $15 each per month.

Watch Wilds Game Tonight Free on PlayStation Vue

Although it’s a much smaller service by number of subscribers, a lot of people have success with PlayStation Vue. This is a good way to go if you know that you want a very large channel package. You pay more up front per month, but in exchange you get a channel package that rivals many cable companies. Of course, the price is still less than cable at $30 or $40 per month, depending on where exactly you live.

While originally meant for PlayStation consoles, you can watch PlayStation Vue today with iOS, Android, Roku and Chromecast. Apple TV is not an option. Watch out for mobile restrictions.

NHL Gamecenter

To watch the Wild game tonight, you can go straight to the source. Well, maybe you can. If you don’t live near Minneapolis or St. Paul, you can use the NHL’s Gamecenter to stream the game live from the NHL directly. Local blackouts stop you if you live near the team.

For $131.49 you can watch all the teams all year or pay $105.09 to follow just one team. The games are available shortly after they’re played. You can also pay $24.99 for a month’s worth of access.

Use an OTA Antenna to Stream Wilds Game Live

If you want to casually watch a few games here and there, you should see what you can find on antenna television. This is free. You need an HD television. You also need a television antenna. You use the television and the antenna to find the free broadcast that the television company sends through the air.

You have to do a little bit of legwork to find when the games air, and availability is limited. This is, however, free, for the cost of a television and an antenna.