Watch MLB Playoffs Live Stream Without Cable Free

Few sporting events offer more classic Americana than the Major League Baseball playoffs. The sport offers hope, excitement and come-from-behind anticipation as fans eagerly watch to see how far their team goes each fall. The boys of fall beat the odds and exceed expectations to bring glory to their city. Cubs fans waited patiently for their team to win, and it finally happened. Some fans waited an entire lifetime. Fans of all teams watch with eager anticipation each fall.

The Major League Baseball playoffs are exciting to watch. Casual and serious baseball fans alike make a point to watch the series with family and friends. Fortunately, fans don’t have to have a cable subscription to see who goes all the way. Cable has gotten three strikes and fans have found ways to access the MLB Playoffs live stream using only an internet connection. Here’s how you can see the most exciting plays, all the way to the World Series.

See It on Sling TV

Sling TV brings you a large number of sports-heavy channels. With the service, you can watch a great deal of the MLB playoffs live stream. Sling TV uses your internet connection to bring you a live stream of your favorite television shows. You can watch the shows stream on television live, just like you might on cable, only with an internet connection instead of cable.

With Sling TV, you get a base service that’s bare bones. You get only the twenty-five best channels that appeal to most people. Some of the channels are TBS, TNT, AMC and ESPN. ESPN comes in the orange package of channels and FOX and FS1 come in some blue packages, depending on your location. For $20 or $25 per month, you get to choose one of these base packages and this alone is a great way to watch a lot of the MLB playoffs live stream.

ESPN broadcasts the American League wild card game and many National League games. So for just the base price of $20, you can see a lot of the MLB playoffs. You can try out the service for seven days to see what you think. You don’t have to sign a contract and you can make changes to your service whenever you want to. There are extra options if you want HBO, extra movie channels or news, lifestyle or sports add-on channels.

There are perks if you want to sign up for a few months of service. You can get a Roku 2 for free or a Roku 3 at a discount if you want three months of service off the bat. You can get Apple TV at a discount if you want that instead. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you get a discount for that, too. Use a streaming device and you can watch Sling TV’s television live on your television.

PlayStation Vue Streaming

PlayStation Vue has also jumped on the streaming wagon, with its service powered by Sony. If you’re going to use this service, look carefully at the base package of channels because it might give you all you need to watch the MLB playoffs. In the base package of channels you get ESPN and other baseball broadcasters, including TBS.

To get this service, you pay at least $30 or as much as $40 in some markets. There are fewer device compatibility options than Sling TV offers, so you can’t use PlayStation Vue with Apple TV. There are also fewer mobile device compatibilities, so it’s hard to use the service when you’re not at the home device. This is a good route if you have a PlayStation console, however.

Try Postseason.TV

If you want something different, Postseason.TV might be an option for you. You can use this service to see American League games with alternative camera angles. You need credentials from a cable provider if you want anything more from this service, though. Most fans aren’t happy with this service alone.


MLB.TV is another option for fans wanting to stream post-season content. The price is reasonable, too, because there are games available for just $3.99 each. The games are offered on demand, and some are offered live. There are also spring training games for free if you want to take advantage of the trial. The major drawback to this service is that most playoff games are only aired with a delay, so you run the risk of spoilers.

FOX Sports

FOX puts a number of playoff games on broadcast television. This is free if you have an HD television and a digital antenna tuner. There’s nothing to sign up for and you can watch as much as you want. If you don’t have a DVR, you have to watch the game as it airs live. For serious MLB fans, this isn’t a problem.