How to Watch MLB Network Online Free Without Cable

In today’s age of cutting-edge technology in well, practically each and everything that we do, live streaming is the thing in demand. Certain sections of the population, however, remain stuck with cable TV, one such section being the sports fans, who indeed have gained the reputation of being the most unlikely to cut their cords. The main reason behind this is the major U.S. sports franchises having a super-tight hold on their brands, which makes watching games live without access to pay TV very difficult, if not impossible.

All that, however, is soon to become history, as we are now here to explain how you can actually ditch the cable TV AND have an MLB Network live stream – both at the same time. Ladies and gentlemen, read on and find out how you can watch your favorite games live without cable (and the hassles that come with it)!

Let’s start by getting to know a little about the MLB Network


One of the leading network , the MLB Network houses much more than live telecasts of all baseball matches, airing sections on analysis, commentary, and spring training sessions, among others.

Its programming roster includes the following (not an exhaustive list):

Minor League Baseball
Hot Stove
The Rundown
Quick Pitch
High Heat
Clubhouse International
International Talk
MLB Network Showcase
MLB Matinee
MLB Tonight; among others

In today’s day and age, people relocate all over the country all the time, be it for their family, their jobs, or simply for want of a change of scenery. Needless to say, however, that wherever people may go, they always carry with them the love that they have for their home team. Which means that you might be living in the Braves country of Atlanta, Georgia, but are a hard-core fan of the Detroit Tigers. The hard part about this is that it makes watching your favorite team play live very difficult, given that they become out-of-market.

With the MLB Network, however, it is now possible to watch your favorite team (or at the very least get up-to-date news) regardless of wherever you may be.

On the cable network, the MLB Network airs multiple games per day during the regular season, allowing sports fans from all over the country to keep up with their favorite games, which are otherwise blacked-out on their their home markets.

But how would you access the MLB network online, if you don’t have cable? Read on to find how you too can access the MLB network online.


Needless to say, the MLB Network is the ultimate destination when it comes to watching baseball games live. If you are among the many who have no cable and/or subscription to the MLB Network, you can sign up to DIRECTV NOW.

Not only does the service allow subscribers to watch all of their favorite baseball matches live, it offers access to other sports channels such as FSN, ESPN, FS1 and FS2, among others. Additionally, DIRECTV NOW also offers a variety of packages, which include hundreds of channels belonging to a wide range of categories, not just limited to sports. At a very affordable basic price of $35 a month, DIRECTV NOW makes for a very suitable service than can be used with a variety of streaming devices.

DIRECTV NOW offers users a 7-day trial just for signing up! Additionally, if you pre-pay for three months of service, you win an Apple TV!

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In what is being touted as a move that will revolutionize the live streaming market, VIDGO, which is yet another top-of-the-line streaming service that is going to be launched soon, has recently announced that they are including the MLB Network in their roster.

Current press information has revealed that VIDGO will be offering live streaming services for all broadcast television stations, which includes major stations such as PBS and CBS. Reports have also revealed that VIDGO will give its users the ability to customize their own package of channels.

And while its not exactly clear how these features will fit in when VIDGO is actually launched, it definitely looks promising enough to attract a wide range of fans with diverse interests and to do away with the cliche of having 800 cable channels yet having absolutely nothing to watch.

Including sports packages such as the MLB Network in their streaming services is indeed a very big move for the community of cord-cutters, as the options for watching sports before this were next to none. If you’re among the many sports fans who have ditched their cable services, you must be well aware that of the additional costs that you have to bear in the shape of the bar tab that comes at any communal place where you watch the game. With VIDGO, however, you can enjoy watching your favorite games live, on your device (be it iOS, Android or Roku) right from the comforts of your own home.

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While the soon-to-be-launched VIDGO has already announced its plans to include MLB Network as a part of its programming, for now the only service that offers the MLB Network is DIRECTV NOW. That said, live streaming services are known to regularly update their program lineups, and the possibility of yet another popular streaming service including the MLB Network in its programming is very much possible.

We think that Sling TV, Hulu, and Youtube Unplugged might be additional services that will include MLB games. Sling TV is already giving subscribers the option to watch a variety of content online from popular channels like ESPN to channels which are otherwise hard-to-find, Sling TV might be the next service to offer the MLB Network.

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Another streaming service that is likely to offer MLB soon is PlayStation Vue. Already offering a wide variety of live streaming content, it is a very popular and great service, despite the restrictions it has. Much like Sling TV, it offers a variety of sports networks such as FOX Sports and ESPN, among others.

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