MLB Live Stream: How To Watch Baseball Without Cable

The MLB Baseball season is still a ways away, but if you’re a devoted MLB fan who’s recently made the decision to sever ties with your expensive cable company, you may already be wondering how you can watch your favorite teams play live now that you no longer have access to ESPN, TBS, FOX, and other channels that air MLB baseball games..

Fortunately for fans, there are plenty of legal ways to stream baseball games live on your preferred devices, including your TV, without paying the high cost of your cable package. Check out our guide for live-streaming MLB Baseball below.

Watch MLB Games Live on Sling TV

What is Sling TV? Sling TV is a streaming service that lets you watch live TV on your favorite streaming device, including your Roku or Apple TV. For $20 a month, subscribers can get access to up to 25 channels, making SlingTV a low-priced alternative to traditional cable packages. And unlike cable, you don’t have to tie yourself down with any contracts.

With Sling TV, you pay month to month like you would with Netflix, and you can cancel at any time. SlingTV offers a free seven day trial, so you can see if the service is right for you.

SlingTV’s basic Orange plan offers access to popular TV channels like AMC, CNN, and HGTV, but what makes it the best choice for MLB fans hoping to catch the upcoming season is that it offers access to FS1, TBS, ESPN, FOX and more, so cutting your cable doesn’t mean you have to miss a single game.

With Sling TV, you’ll get access to all 90 regular season games broadcast on ESPN, plus regular season tie breakers, all 13 Sunday afternoon games and postseason championship series aired on TBS, and all games aired on FS1 and FOX. That’s an incredible amount of MLB coverage for an incredibly low price. The one downside is that FOX is only available in certain markets.

Watch MLB Games Live on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a similar streaming service that allows you to watch live TV channels on a variety of streaming devices without a cable or satellite subscription and no annual contracts to deal with. TBS, FOX, and FOX Sports 1 are all available on PlayStation Vue, as well as the recently added network of ESPN channels.

PlayStation Vue also has the added advantage of a powerful DVR feature that allows you to save thousands of hours of your favorite shows without scheduling conflicts, so you don’t have to miss a minute of action when your favorite teams play concurrent games.

PlayStation Vue is available across all 50 states in the U.S. In addition to widely broadcast channels like ESPN and CNN, Playstation Vue also features many local channels, including local/regional sports channels. However, the availability of these local channels varies depending on your location. If a local channel isn’t included in your package, it may be available for purchase as an additional OnDemand channel.

PlayStation Vue also comes with a heftier price tag that Sling TV, with the most basic package starting at $29.99, but it comes with 55 channels as opposed to 25, making it worth the price for many subscribers. A free seven day trial is also available so you can see if PlayStation Vue is right for you.

Watch Online Anywhere with MLB.TV

MLB.TV is the official streaming service of the MLB and lets you follow your favorite teams all season long, as well as giving you access to postseason games. You can subscribe to MLB.TV on over 400 streaming devices, including your Roku or Apple TV as well as mobile devices. MLB.TV is also available in numerous countries and territories outside of the U.S., so MLB baseball fans around the globe can enjoy the game.

Basic streaming service starts at $24.99 per month and gives you features like stop and rewind playback. The one caveat of the MLB.TV service is that your local market will be blacked out, so only out-of-market games will be available for live-streaming. If you follow an out-of-market team, this is no problem, but if your favorite team is closer to home this may not be the best streaming option for you. But good news for subscribers outside the U.S.: games are available without blackouts for you.

Eligible U.S. subscribers can also watch every World Series game live in HD quality and with live game DVR controls with a participating pay TV provider, including AT&T, Dish, Time Warner, and Verizon, among others. Postseason games are also available to non-eligible U.S. subscribers, but can’t be watched live. Instead, the full game will be available 90 minutes after it airs.

Watch Live Baseball with an Antenna

If you’re on a really tight budget but still need to fix your craving for live MLB baseball games, you can always go with an old-school (and inexpensive) solution: a TV antenna. While a TV antenna won’t give you access to as much coverage as the other options listed above, a good antenna will let you watch the 12 Saturday afternoon games that air on FOX throughout the season, as well as the All Star Game, a Division Championship game, and the World Series, all at a fraction of the cost. And you can even watch it in HD.

Modern TV antennas are nothing like the antennas you (or maybe your parents) used in bygone days. Today’s antennas are small, sophisticated, and able to deliver high definition channels. For the best free live MLB viewing experience, try the Amazon Basics HDTV antenna, a small, stylish indoor antenna that works with your Amazon Fire Streaming TV.

Don’t let breaking free from your expensive cable contract limit your TV viewing pleasure. You can still catch all (or almost all) of your favorite MLB games throughout the season and postseason live or on-demand and with high definition quality with the streaming services listed above, all without the price and hassle of a cable subscription. Whether you want access to every MLB game and championship the season has to offer or just want to follow your local team, you can find the best streaming service for your price range and needs.

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