How to Legally Watch Missouri Football Games Online Without Cable

The University of Missouri brings the finest in college football to Columbia, Missouri each season. The University of Missouri offers some of the best educational offerings in the Midwest and in the whole United States. The University allows students to study more than 300 different major and degree programs. It’s most notable programs include its school of journalism and its world-class research facility, highlighted by the University of Missouri Research Reactor Center.

Perhaps nothing says the University of Missouri pride like its famous football program. Over its many years of dominating the football scene, the Missouri Tigers have made appearances at many bowl games, including the Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl and the Orange Bowl. The Mizzou tigers are familiar with winning at Faurot Field, termed The Zou by Missouri fans.

After many years in the Big 12 Conference, Missouri now sits in the Southeastern Conference. Alumni and fans of the school can’t wait to spend Saturdays basking in the glory of the black and MU gold. Athletes, alumni and friends are proud of the strong traditions of Mizzou. Friends use MIzzou football to stay in touch with their school and with fellow fans.

But lots of Mizzou fans have cut the cable. These smart fans know that they don’t need to spend a bundle in order to see the University of Missouri Tigers in action. New technology is bringing cable down. For these smart cable cutters, there are ways to cut down on entertainment costs without cutting down on the excitement of Missouri football. Read on to find out what smart Mizzou fans have figured out about watching their favorite football without having to smash the piggy bank.

See Mizzou Games Live on Sling TV

Sling TV is a revolutionary service backed by the genius of Dish Network. This is a new service that’s quickly gaining in popularity. At the bottom floor, Sling TV offers University of Missouri football fans the chance to break up with their cable company in favor of a service that brings them only their most-watched channels. These channels include your must-haves for seeing the best in Mizzou football. ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 are a part of this service.

On top of your immediate access to the best in Missouri football, Sling TV knows you also want to watch your standard favorites like TBS, CNN, HGTV and TNT. All you need is your internet connection and you can login and watch the channel of your choice. The Orange level service is only $20 a month.

Sling TV knows you and knows that you don’t like to stay in one place. So they make it easy. You can use your service on any compatible device. If you like to switch between your computer and your phone to watch the big game, Sling TV lets you do just that.

If you want even more, Sling TV offers a way to see the SEC Network as well. This is the Sports Extra Package, and it’s only $5 extra, on top of the basic package. With this package, the SEC Network comes straight to you via the WatchESPN App. And if ABC ever broadcasts one of your favorite games, you can see those games on the WatchESPN App, too. With all of these options, you can rest assured you get to see almost every Missouri and SEC game this season.

Sling TV lets you try them out for seven days without a cost. If you want three months of service off the bat, you can take your pick of Apple TV at a low price, or a Roku 2 free of charge. This brings all the amazing University of Missouri action right to your big-screen television.

Check It Out on PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Apple TV & DirecTV Now

A tried and true streaming option for football fans are DirecTV Now, Hulu and PlayStation Vue. These services┬ábring you the biggest names in college sports, including ESPN. You aren’t limited to just ESPN, either. DirecTV Now, Hulu and PlayStation Vue gives you ESPN2, SEC Network and ESPN 3 as well.

This is a basic streaming service that only requires an internet connection and a device that connects to service. It brings you only the best of the channels that otherwise appear in confusing cable listings. This cuts out a lot of the cable fluff that you never watch. There’s no point in having 200 channels on the list if you’re going to stick to the top twenty to watch the University of Missouri Tigers in action.

Basic PlayStation Vue packages range from $29.99 to $39.99. This makes even the most basic packages more expensive than other streaming services available on the market. There are also difficulties when subscribers want to watch services from secondary devices. This makes the service less than ideal for those who want to watch Mizzou Tigers while they travel or work.

CBS and the SEC Game of the Week

CBS takes the University of Missouri football seriously. It has worked out a special arrangement with the University of Missouri and with the entire SEC. With this agreement, CBS gets to pick one or two games each week to broadcast. These games are called the SEC Game of the Week

CBS is committed to making sure that you never miss a big play. These chosen games come to you live and free. This is CBS’ broadcasting commitment. CBS airs these games live to anyone who is within broadcasting range of the CBS station. Users only need a standard television antenna to pick up the games. There’s no login, and you don’t have to hand over a bit of personal information.

There’s a special enhancement device you can use called a Tablo DVR. This device lets broadcast television viewers take the airways to the next level. The Tablo DVR gives you the power to pause and record television as it airs. CBS also puts its games online. If you can watch it on live television, you can use your internet connection to go to the CBS website and watch the game, too. And CBS never sacrifices the quality. It uses a large number of cameras to get the events as they unfold from every angle.

CBS Offers Quality Services

CBS gives you all it can for a low monthly fee of $5.99. With this service, you get CBS all over the country in one place on your device. With CBS All Access service, choose any of CBS’ participating local television channels. Watch local Missouri television from New York, California or anywhere else in the country. And CBS makes sure you also get to watch your favorite CBS hits on demand.

CBS also offers an audio broadcast service. This service costs a monthly fee and sometimes includes video streams, too. In addition to the University if Missouri Tigers football, this audio broadcast, CBS College Sports Live, covers thousands of different college sporting events all year long.

There’s something for every Missouri football fan. Football fans can stop the cable bills once and for all. Missouri football waits for you.