How to Watch Milwaukee Bucks Online Free Without Cable

Finally, basketball season has started again! Milwaukee Bucks buffs have been waiting since the last game of the NBA Finals last season for this moment. It’s time to sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy those games! For those of you who have decided to stop spending that huge chunk of your income on cable, you can now watch many of the Milwaukee Bucks games online!

Pat yourself on the back for making such a smart decision!

At one point, cable was the easiest option for a person to tune into their favorite sports, movies, and shows. Due to an outcry over the skyrocketing prices though, many alternatives came about to meet the needs of cable customers who felt they were being overcharged. These days, all you need to watch your favorite shows and events is the internet.

Read below as we cover a variety of services and methods cable cutters can use to watch live streams of those Bucks games online.

Watch Games on Playstation Vue, DirecTV Now and Hulu

Three services that will allow you to watch live bucks game online without the need of a cable subscription is playstation vue, DirecTV Now and Hulu. All three services come with a free trial offer which makes making the switch a lot easier, and less stressful.

Playstation Vue, owned by Sony is one of the first company to break through and offer a legitimate way to watch live tv online without the hassle of a cable subscription. Vue has four different packages that broadcast many popular sport channels like ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT.

DirecTV Now closely mirror Vue, but they have a slightly cheaper package that starts at $35 for 100 channels. Hulu (What is Hulu?) on the other hand boast a unique set of channels that users cannot watch anywhere else.

NBA League Pass: An Excellent Method to Watch the Milwaukee Bucks Live Online

Since it is the NBA’s official streaming service, NBA league Pass provides yet another excellent option to observe the latest Bucks match-up live online.

The NBA league Pass offers an incredible quantity of content that makes it a perfect alternative for following your chosen team. The only real downside to it is there is a blackout on local team games. It’s hard to observe your favorite team if they are local on NBA league Pass. Simply put, if you live in Milwaukee, the Bucks games won’t be available for you to stream. That sucks. We agree.

Now even though local team games are blacked out to subscribers, the NBA League Pass continues to be a great service with a lot to supply. It’s a solid choice with features that include:

• Up to 40 hours per week of regular season matches.

• A huge selection of classic NBA games to watch at your convenience.

• The ability to stream up to 4 games simultaneously.

• Streaming across multiple devices including smart cell phones, TVs, tablet computers, and computer systems.

The NBA League Pass service comes with 3 subscription levels:

1. At $199.99 per season, the NBA League Pass bundle includes everything formerly mentioned, but the local teams are nonetheless still blacked out.

2. At $119.99 per, the NBA Team Pass bundle enables you to have live coverage and on demand replays of one solitary team.

3. For only $6.99 per game, the NBA Single-Game Pass package enables you to see live streaming of any game you desire.

If your favorite team isn’t your local team, the NBA League Pass subscription is a great option to keep in mind. However, if the price is a bit too steep for you, there are still other options you can take advantage of.

A FREE TV Antenna = FREE Access to Live Milwaukee Bucks Games

Are you aware that almost every area (both urban and suburban) have access to many OTA (over-the-air) channels? Only thing required is an indoor digital antenna to pick up the signal. Best thing about this method is it’s absolutely FREE!

Many popular networks such as FOX and ABC often broadcast NBA games that your television can pick up and display perfectly. This option might not be the greatest for a die-hard fan who has to see ALL of the NBA games this season, but it sure is one that’s worth taking advantage of.

If you decide to add a DVR to the mix, you can record all of the games you don’t have time to sit down and watch for viewing at a later time. It’s like having your own personal NBA game library.

Watch the Bucks Live with Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best services that you can currently get. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to watch NBA games online that also provides a ton of other great content from some of the most popular channels.

How do you use Sling TV to watch live streams of the Milwaukee Bucks games this season? Simple. Like this:

Obtain a FREE 7-day trial of Sling Blue. $25 a month gets you over 40 great channels. Wisconsin residents and subscribers of neighboring states get access to channels such as FOX Sports North and FOX Sports Wisconsin as part of their Sling TV subscription. The previously two channels alone can provide access to ALL Bucks games for the entire season!

Bucks fans residing in the area get to stream Bucks games all season long LIVE with the help of Sling TV! There are also packages with over 60 other channels as well. You can view your favorite comedies on TBS and Comedy Central, your favorite dramas on AMC and TNT, and your news on CNN – plus much, much more! There’s no contract at all with the Sling service, so you can cancel at any time.

There you go – 7 simple steps to Milwaukee Bucks live game streaming. In the simplest of terms, $25 a month can provide Wisconsin and surrounding area residents with the ability to watch EVERY Bucks game LIVE, with the exception of a few that may be blacked out.

Not a resident of Wisconsin and don’t live in the area? You’ll still be able to stream the Bucks game sometimes. Sling TV also comes with TNT. This channel broadcast NBA games every week. ESPN is another great channel that’s included in some packages. It will provide you with access to many more live NBA games. Simply check the Milwaukee Bucks schedule to see which games will be aired on these channels.

With your Sling TV login, you can also access the WatchESPN App on your mobile devices. This app allows you to watch NBA games that are shown on ABC for free. Just check the ABC schedule for the game times.

Sling TV is an affordable alternative to cable for watching NBA games online. It actually offers a lot more than just sports games.

Still on the fence about Sling TV? Maybe these amazing offers the have going on will help you decide:

If you subscribe for 3 months of service, you’: FREE Roku streaming box Or A discounted Apple TV Both of these devices will let you stream the Bucks game directly on your TV! Try Sling TV out for FREE for an entire week. The 7-day free trial offer is worth it.

Currently, Sling TV is the best option when it comes to watching the Milwaukee Bucks online. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! You’ll be happy you did.

Final Words

There are currently a few great methods for streaming live Milwaukee Bucks games online. As the demand for more alternatives to cable continue to grow, expect to see many new methods appear. Using the few we listed should hold you over until then. Combine a few to create your own perfect online streaming system.