Legally Watch Michigan Football Games Online Free Without Cable

Hail to the Victors!

Since it first welcomed students in 1841, the University of Michigan has been a power house of athletics in the Midwest. Today, the University of Michigan attracts the best and brightest students from all over the world. Students come to study the most cutting-edge science and the most profound philosophy from some of the best professors in the United States and the world. Notable alumni include former U.S. President Gerald Ford. University of Michigan fans know that maize is not just another name for corn, it’s the color of school Michigan pride.

Of course, serious University of Michigan fans know that the maize and blue stands for more than just world-class academics. The University of Michigan is the proud home of the Wolverines and with it a winning athletic tradition. Saturdays in the fall Michigan fans pack Michigan Stadium, affectionately called The Big House, for exciting football and unparalleled school pride. Not to be outdone, The Big House is one of the largest sports arenas in the entire world.

For fans who can’t make the trip to The Big House, they can catch the action on their couch on or on their mobile device. They can join family and friends near or far to watch the game and experience the magic of the maize and blue. They wear their school colors and cheer on their team from wherever they are.

When it comes to a streaming experience, Michigan fans never settle for less than the best. You can find most Michigan football games on ESPN. The WatchESPN app features Michigan sports on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ABC.

Today, many Michigan fans might be surprised to learn that they don’t need cable to catch their favorite Wolverines on the ESPN family of television channels. Today, there are a variety of options to satisfy even the most serious Wolverine fans. Many fans are thrilled to learn that they can watch Michigan sports, legally and without a hefty cable bill. There are many ways to enjoy Michigan football and other world-class sports without plunking down serious cash for a cable subscription.

Stream It With Sling TV

Sling TV is the most convenient way to catch all of the Michigan action. Whether the Wolverines are fighting for the Big Ten title or a national championship, Sling TV puts it all in one place. Sling TV lets you stream Michigan football and the other great sports live.

Sling TV puts all of the most important channels at your fingertips. This exemplary service puts the entire family of ESPN channels in one place. You can access the same channels you can find on cable, such as ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. Just use your login to access the online WatchESPN app. Once you’re logged in, you have access to not only games that air on ABC but also all of the games that air on ESPN’s network.

Pay just $5 more each month and you can watch ESPNews and ESPNU on Sling TV, too. With the upgraded service, you get the Sports Extra package and with it these great channels at your disposal. The only difficult question is what to watch first.

At the introductory level, Sling TV offers Orange service. The cost is only $20 per month. And you never sign a contract with Sling TV. If you’re ever unhappy with your service, just cancel it at any time. They don’t ask questions. Compare that to the cost and commitment of a basic cable package, and it’s clear that Sling TV is a great deal! Sling TV also offers you the flexibility to choose the channels that you watch the most. There’s no paying for channels you don’t watch when you go with Sling TV.

Take Sling TV to your computer, your mobile devices or your television set. If you like Sling TV and you want to commit, you get a Roku 2 for free or Apple TV at a discount if you sign up for three months of Sling TV. Just so there are no surprises, Sling TV lets new users have a no-commitment, no-cost seven-day trial so they can find out for themselves that Sling TV is a great way to get in on the Wolverine action.

CBS College Sports Live Streams the Michigan Wolverines

Another great way to access the best of the Midwest is through CBS College Sports Live video streaming. CBS’ streaming service is called College Sports Live. Fans can access audio and even video for many Michigan football games. There are a few drawbacks, though. The service might not cover all of the games in a season and in some cases, service is only available in audio, rather than video.

On the plus side, CBS College Sports Live streams thousands of college sporting events throughout the year. The service’s website offers an easy-to-read schedule that lets fans see what games are available. At only $9.95 and with no contract required, CBS College Sports Live is a great way for fans to stay in touch at a low price.

Play It Right With PayStation Vue

Wolverine fans can also watch the University of Michigan in action by using PlayStation Vue. Sony offers this state-of-the-art service for serious sports fans. PlayStation Vue lets subscribers watch Michigan and the Big Ten online. In addition to Michigan football, subscribers can watch their other favorite, popular television channels. And there’s no subscription required.

The price for PayStation Vue varies depending on the service that you pick. The most basic bundles vary from $30 to $40 per month. This service comes with ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, through the WatchESPN app. Package options include the Big Ten Network. Drawbacks of the service include higher price points and more restrictions than Sling TV.

Michigan Wolverines on Traditional Broadcast Television

Finally, good, old-fashioned broadcast television occasionally airs Michigan games. This is most accessible to fans in the State of Michigan and the regions that surround Ann Arbor. With an antenna and a television, fans can watch Michigan games aired by their local affiliate television station. A local television guide offers information on when these games appear on ABC. And if you can’t watch live, a DVR allows you to record the action for later. With so many options, the only thing left for a Wolverine fan to say is Hail, to the Victors!