How to Watch Michigan Basketball Games Online Without Cable

Want to watch Michigan basketball games online for free without cable? If so, here’s how to do it without the need of cable television.

There are many Michigan basketball streaming options available to you, I’ve discussed a few in the article below. Big online streaming companies like Hulu Plus, DirecTV Now and Sling TV could all be an option.

Most of these sites that live stream Michigan basketball offer a free trial period as well, so rooting for the wolverines just got easier with online streaming.

Watch Wolverine Basketball Games On ABC

ABC Sports is considered one of the top places to stream college basketball games so it’s natural that they would live stream college basketball games right on their website. The only catch however is that you maybe asked to sign in using a TV service provider username and password to access any live stream from the ABC sports app.

if you don’t have passcode, you can access ABC via over the air satellite (OTA) for free. ABC is one of those channels that is available for free with the right antenna. There are plenty of digital antenna’s out there that can pick up the ABC signal for free (location varies).

How Much to Stream UM games on Hulu Plus

Hulu plus offers one week trial for free and allows for you to stream video from any device you desire for only seven ninety-nine per month. They have the major networks which usually carry your college sports, and you can also watch Michigan basketball streaming live from ESPN if you so choose. Keep in mind that Hulu does come with ads, but that means your price point should remain stable.

If you want to watch Hulu without commercials, the price point will be significantly higher than that of the entry level cost of $7.99.

Sling TV Live stream

Sling TV offers for just twenty dollars per month their Sling Orange programming which outstandingly offers ESPN so you can watch Michigan basketball online free. You get a seven-day free trial to check it out, and they also offer other packages to add more programming to your streaming venue.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access allows you to stream Michigan basketball and other sports and video through any device to include, but not limited to Roku, Xbox, Apple devices, Windows 10 and many others. The price point is great at five ninety-nine per month, and All Access comes with a free one week trail as well.

If you desire to stream live University of Michigan basketball or other sport feeds to any device without the use of cable and the costly expense, then these great options could be yours. What you desire in terms of programming will help you determine which streaming video option you go with, but at least you’re not tethered to cable, right!