How To Watch Mets Game Today Online For Free Without Cable

The New York Mets are one of the hottest teams in modern baseball. Fans are loyal and the team is known to surprise late in the season with runs towards the playoffs and the World Series. Each year, fans join the team to see if it’s going to be the best year ever.

Fans want to watch the Mets game tonight with their friends. There are new ways to watch the game that mean you don’t have to have cable, and you don’t have to go out, either. Instead, you can invite the group over to your house to watch the big game using the internet. This is all on the up and up, too, as these new services are legal and the television channels are a part of offering the services. If you want to watch the Mets game today, keep reading to see what option is best for you.

Watch NY Mets Game Today Live on Sling TV (Sign Up FREE Trial)

Sling TV is only a fraction of the cost of cable. You can buy a package for just $20 per month. If that’s all you want, that’s all you pay. There are no hidden fees and no contracts that lock you into a long term.

The $20 per month is a good option to see the Mets live stream, because you get ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS right in the base package. If you’re going this way, select the orange base package of channels instead of the blue base package of channels. This is a good way to get your New York Mets because the ESPN and TBS channels alone broadcast a large number of Mets games each season. TBS airs playoffs games, too.

Fox Sports 1 is in the blue package for Sling TV, so it’s a way to get some Mets games. The blue package is more expensive, however, at $25 per month. There are differences in the sports channels in the base packages so you want to read carefully to get the package that you want.

After you select your base package, you can add on channels if you want to pay a little bit extra. Sling TV is unique in that it’s one of the most open subscription television services, meaning that you have the most control over what you pick and ultimately what you pay. You choose from small bundles of channels that are grouped according to subject matter. HBO is also an option. The extras range from $5 to $15 per month. You can select none of them or you can select all of them.

You don’t need cable to see the Mets game tonight with Sling TV. You just need a fast internet connection and a device to watch on. A device can be a smartphone or a computer as well, so don’t think you have to have a big-screen television, though that is certainly an option. If you are going to use a big-screen television, make sure that you have a streaming device. You can get a Roku 2 for free if you agree to use Sling TV for three months. If you prefer Apple TV you can get that at a discount with a three-month Sling TV subscription. You can also try the service without charge for a week to see if you want to keep it.

Stream Mets Game Online on PlayStation Vue (7-day Free Trial)

Another option to get your Mets live stream is PlayStation Vue. Sony is the power behind this streaming service. Although it was originally made to use with PlayStation consoles, the service is now compatible with a number of popular streaming devices. You get fifty channels in the Access Slim package. That’s the smallest package that you can buy.

Like Sling TV, TBS and ESPN are in the base package of channels, so this is a good service if you want to see the Mets. Since the base package is so large, it’s a good option if you know you want a large variety of channels. There are a few more packages that you can add if you want more than just the lowest-price option.

Live Mets Streaming on MLB.TV

If you’re one who knows they don’t want to watch a lot of other television, MLB.TV might be the option for you. This is a way that you can pay to stream every game from your favorite team all year, or all of the teams. The price is just $109.99 for all of the teams, and even less if you just want to follow one team.

Beware of blackouts, though. That means you have to go another route if you want to see the Mets in the New York area. There is content on-demand shortly after the games, but this isn’t the way to gather with friends to watch the Mets game tonight if you live in or near NYC. If you live outside of the area, though, this is a good way to go if Major League Baseball is what you want.

Television Antenna

Some television is still cost-free. You can use a high-definition television and an antenna to watch television that is broadcast free in your local area. You can add a DVR service if you want to watch games after they air.

Other Alternative Ways to Watch New York Mets & TV Shows Without Cable