How to Watch March Madness Online Without Cable

There’s one question that comes around every March: How’s your bracket? March Madness is the main event of March, and people join family and friends to create brackets and predict the winner of the latest tournament. The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most exciting events in sports. From underdogs to heavy favorites, each team can see how far they go to make the Final Four and win the national title.

Online Streaming

As the ways we watch television change, the ways we watch March Madness change, too. In fact, more people are opting for the March Madness live stream than ever before. Fewer people are watching the action on cable. Each year, the number of fans that move to streaming rises, and cable fans are left missing the basket.

Fortunately, you don’t need cable to watch March Madness. There is a March Madness live stream that lets you access the best of the NCAA tournament without ever subscribing to cable. You have several options to access this programming without cable. They’re legal and easy to use.

Get a Deal with DirecTV NOW (Free Trial)

One service that brings you the best of the March Madness live stream is DirecTV NOW. You can use your internet connection to watch the television channels, like you watch a video online. It’s a stream of the television channels live.

You pay a fee of $35 per month, and there are no extra fees. For that price, you get sixty channels to watch, and they are the best channels on paid television, including ESPN, AMC, CNN, HGTV, Fox News and ESPN2. For March Madness fans, the channels include TruTV, TBS and TNT. This selection of channels give you about 70 percent of the games in the tournament.

You can upgrade to a larger package at any time. There are about 120 channels available total. There is no cost to cancel.

Sign On to Sling TV To Stream March Madness Live

Another way to march into March Madness without cable is with Sling TV. This is another streaming service that pares it down to just the very most popular channels for the lowest price. You pay $20 or $25 per month for your base package of channels, depending on the package that you choose. From there, you choose just the extra channels that you want to watch the most, like sports, movies or lifestyle channels.

There is a seven-day free trial. This doesn’t get you all of the way through the tournament, but it is a good way to see if the service is right for you. Sling TV gives you most, but not all, of these NCAA playoff games in the entry-level package, with TNT, TruTV and TBS included in your base package.

Sling TV loves to give you a deal, so if you’re ready to get three months of service, there’s something waiting for you. You can get a free Roku 2 or a Roku 3 at a discount. If you have T-Mobile you can get a discount on the Sling TV orange package of channels for an entire year. For T-Mobile customers, Sling TV doesn’t even count against data use limitations.

CBS All Access Pass

Broadcasting powerhouse CBS is in on the streaming market. With CBS All Access pass, you can stream from any CBS station in the country. About eighty percent of the CBS stations in the United States participate in the program, or about 132 stations. Choose the station that’s airing the content you want to watch and tune right in, or choose from the on-demand library that you get with your subscription.

All Access is important because it lets you watch the big game on your big-screen tv. You need a streamer, so see if Apple TV, Android or Roku is right for you. CBS All Access Pass is less expensive than DirecTV NOW and Sling TV, but you only get CBS stations. CBS doesn’t play the entire tournament, though, so their service alone might not be enough.

PlayStation Vue

Powered by Sony, PlayStation Vue is a great option for March Madness fans. Although it has a higher entry-level price point, it is heavy in March Madness channels, so you get to see almost every game if you live in a large market. This is because PlayStation Vue carries local channels in large markets, including CBS. Even if you’re not in one of those places, you can get TruTV, TNT and TBS, so you get a lot of games anyways.

Some people complain that PlayStation Vue isn’t the best for people who travel a lot. Developers originally planned the service for use with PlayStation consoles. They quickly learned that, to be competitive in the streaming market, they had to offer the service on other devices. While they’ve come along in that regard, and PlayStation Vue is available with more streaming devices than ever before, there are still mobile restrictions that frustrate some consumers.

March Madness App

The NCAA has put out a March Madness App. If you have a subscription to a paid television service, you can login and access a number of games. Any mobile store like Android or Roku has the app. Without a paid television subscription, you can still use the app to watch games that air on CBS. You can watch for free for a few hours before they tell you it’s time to login.

Station Guide for March Madness

March Madness is about three weeks long. It starts with Selection Sunday and runs until the finals in early April. Games air on four channels, including TNT, TruTV, CBS and TBS. The Final Four and the National Championship are either on TBS or CBS.

Americans even stream the NCAA tournament while they’re at work. As many as twenty percent of working Americans plan to tune in this way. There are lots of way to tune in, and more Americans expect to turn to streaming services than ever before, even and especially while at work.

Watch it Live on Antenna Television For Free

CBS is still big, broadcast television. That means, they play some channels on air, absolutely free. You can use a television antenna and a modern television with a digital tuner, and pick up games that broadcast in your area, absolutely free. There’s no cost and nothing to login with, and you have to watch as the show airs, unless you have a DVR service.

Watch College Basketball on Hulu, Apple TV and Roku

Roku and apple tv host tons of apps that broadcast live games, and they are CBS ALL ACCESS, WatchESPN, ESPN3 and TNT. All of these channels hosted as apps by Roku and Apple TV will stream games live. Hulu, partly owned by the Walt Disney Channel will also stream live march madness tournament games.