How to Legally Watch LSU Football Games Online Free Without Cable

Although they are nicknamed the Tigers, Louisiana State University always fights to be the top dog in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The LSU Tigers are an NCAA powerhouse, with one of the highest win rates in the entire United States. Bowl appearances are commonplace for this outstanding team.

LSU is a favorite choice for ESPN College GameDay broadcasts. The Tigers play their games in capably named Tiger Stadium. And LSU alumni are no strangers to the NFL.

While LSU fans watch their Tigers fight for the top of the standings, they want to make sure they can see all of the action. But LSU fans only want the best. That means they don’t want to open up their wallets to expensive cable packages. They don’t want to hand out all of their cash to get locked into a long-term contract. LSU fans want to control their own destiny.

Fortunately for Tiger fans who can’t be tamed, cable isn’t critical. LSU fans can catch all of the action without worrying about a cable bill dragging them down. And there are lots of options.

Today’s technology brings you, the serious fan, cost-effective options that give you all the access. These options are legal and convenient. You never need to worry about missing a game again or dealing with the frustration of not being able to find the game. And these options are easier to use than ever.

Sling TV Shows It All Season Long

Sling TV (What is Sling TV?) is new and it’s here to stay. Sling TV knows football and it knows football fans. This new service offers serious fans instant access to all of the best sports channels in one, convenient place.

By a special agreement with ESPN, subscribers get access to ESPN’s best programming, including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. And it’s easy to access because subscribers need only one login that works for both Sling TV and the WatchESPN app. ESPN is committed to making sure that LSU fans see the most important football games and other SEC games all year long. Fans can catch football and a variety of other quality LSU sports.

This service starts at only $20 per month. Along with ESPN’s family of programming, subscribers get other fine channels like AMC, TBS and TNT. Viewers can watch programming on these channels as it happens.

No television? No problem. With Sling TV, you can watch on any device such as a computer, phone or tablet. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Sling TV keeps you in the game and in the LSU loop.

When fans want even more, Sling TV has them covered. Fans can sign on for Sling TV’s Sports Extra package. With this package, fans can tune into the SEC Network with its sports commentary and special features on the important traditions and play makers in the SEC.

Sling TV’s Sports Extra package also comes with ESPNews and ESPNU. These channels offer unparalleled pre-game and post-game coverage. The package costs only an extra $5 per month, making the total cost for this premium package only $25 per month. This is much less than a standard cable bill, so it’s a great deal.

College football fans shouldn’t hesitate to jump on board. Sling TV offers a Roku Streaming Stick at no charge, or steep discounts on a Roku 3 player with a three-month sign-on commitment. LSU fans really can have it all. There is a seven-day trial at no charge for anyone who still has questions.

CBS All Access Brings You the SEC

When LSU games come to CBS, fans have a simple streaming option. CBS knows that today’s fans want to watch more than just local programming. CBS knows that LSU alumni are successful all over the world. They want to keep up on their favorite team wherever they live.

CBS makes it easy. With CBS All Access service, fans can stream CBS programming live from local affiliates all over the country. Most CBS affiliates are part of this program. In addition, subscribers get live and on-demand access to the best of CBS’ television programming, including their top comedy hits. This is a great way to catch all of CBS’ broadcast football games.

CBS’ All Access streaming covers more than 80 percent of CBS stations nationwide. It’s a service that costs only $5.99 per month. A free one-week trial gives new users a chance to make sure they love it with no commitment.

PlayStation Vue And DirecTV Now Gives Even More Sports Options

LSU Tiger football fans can also watch live action on DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue. These are yet another streaming service like Sling TV. Both DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue lets you stream the biggest games in real time. Pay only for the package that suits you best, and you don’t have to sign a contract to get this superior service.

PlayStation Vue starts at a higher price than Sling TV and CBS All Access. Depending on your location, PlayStation Vue view can cost as much as $40 each month. In addition, PlayStation Vue puts limitations on streaming beyond the home device. That makes it hard to take PlayStation Vue with you as you travel.

Catch the Tigers on CBS

CBS gets first choice when it comes to broadcasting the best SEC games. It’s not uncommon for CBS to choose to broadcast two SEC games in any given week. To see these big-name games, fans don’t need any more than a standard television antenna. These games come to fans over the old-school airways with just a television set and an antenna.
CBS makes sure that all of LSU’s biggest games make it on the air. Grab your friends, your purple clothes and your favorite foods as you turn on CBS and watch the game. There is no login required.

If you can’t watch the entire game, use a DVR to record it. You can pick up where you left off, rewind and even pause the game if you need to make a snack run. A Tablo DVR moves recorded TV right to your device so that you can stream your favorite shows on demand, whenever and wherever you want.
Finally, CBS also puts a live on stream of its SEC games on its website. This stream is high quality and uses more

than twenty different camera angles to make sure that fans see all of the great plays as well as up-close reactions from players and coaches. Just head to the CBS website when it’s game time.

It’s Real on the Radio

LSU sports come to you on more than 30 local radio stations in Louisiana and the surrounding area. Legendary announcers call the shots. Whether you’re in the car or hanging out at home, you can hear it first on the radio.
All of these options keep LSU fans in touch and in on the best in Tiger sports.