How to Watch LSU Basketball Games Without Cable

The truth is that Americans throughout the entire country are actively getting rid of their cable and replacing it with video streaming services like Playstation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu, ESPN3 and Sling TV. You are going to be able to keep the majority of your popular channels and pay an insignificant fraction of the cost that you paid for your cable.

If you want to watch LSU basketball live and without having to pay for a cable, there are quite a few different and completely legitimate ways to do so. With this in mind, we’ve decided to handpick the ones which are without a doubt the best ones that you can take advantage of. So, without any further ado, let’s see what we are talking about.

Sling TV is best The Best Way to Stream LSU Basketball Games Online

Sling TV is a service provider which has managed to take the video streaming industry by a storm. It offers by far the most appropriate alternative for cable subscriptions which are the best for you. It is also currently the cheapest solution out there. There are no contractual commitments involved, and you can enjoy high-quality LSU Basketball Live Streams for a monthly fee of $20. You can also use the service to stream games online.

With Sling TV you are going to get access to the games directly on your TV, smart phone, tablet, laptop or whatever device you feel like. What is more, if you use T-Mobile you are going to get 30% off.

Stream SEC Basketball Games On PlayStation Vue

This is another service which is amongst the top competitors of Sling TV. It offers the same access to the LSU Basketball game live without having to pay a huge monthly subscription fee. However, there are certain things that you might want to take into account.

For instance, the monthly fee for this service is set at $29.99 while the one of Sling TV is only $20. Furthermore, you won’t be able to use the Vue on any mobile devices because Sony has imposed certain legal restrictions, thus causing this to be an inappropriate choice for those who want to watch the games of the basketball team of Louisiana State University on the go.

In any case, the truth is that both are viable options and the far better alternative to paid cable. The world is improving by leaps and bounds, and you should not be the one to stand at the same spot. Make sure to take advantage of the better technologies.

Other Cable Alternatives