How to Watch Lifetime Network Online Without Cable

The last time I watched Lifetime was several years ago, when I was in a nursing home recovering from a car accident. Dance Moms, Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva were shows I watched daily outside of therapy. Project Runway, Unsolved Mysteries, Strong Medicine and Coming Home were also on my watch list.

I didn’t think of having a subscription back then because I wasn’t paying for it. Both my hands were in casts, so watching my shows without cable didn’t cross my mind. Yet, it is possible to live stream these very shows and other Lifetime shows directly from your computer.

Watch Lifetime Network For Free on Sling TV

If you really want to cut your cable cord forever without looking back, Sling TV is one of the best options available to still stream live TV without the need for cable. Sling TV has several packages to choose from, but the one that includes the Lifetime Network is called the ‘Blue’ package. 

For$20 per month you will get 30 channels that includes Lifetime, History Channel, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Nework and ESPN. If you decide to go with the Lifestyle Plus package, which is an extra $5. This will give you Hallmark and Hallmark Movies, Lifetime Movie Network and WE TV.

Watching the Lifetime channel for free is included when you subscribe to Sling TV. Once you sign up for Sling, you will be immediately enrolled in the 7 day free trial period. This means you can test drive Sling for 7 days free with no strings attached..

Watch Full Episodes On DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is another option for streaming the Lifetime network without cable. Just like Sling TV, you’ll need to subscribe to a bundle package. DirecTV Now’s bundle pack that includes Lifetime is made available in the ‘Live a Little’ package.

DirecTV Now has many of the same channels as Sling, but as of now Sling has cheaper packages with fewer channels, while DirecTV boast more channels that will cost a little bit more.

Stream Lifetime Live on Apple TV and Android

Finally, download the Lifetime app in the Apple store. Through this application you’re going to be able to watch your favorite Lifetime shows. While these shows have limited commercials, it’s still better than waiting for them to come on over the air.

Keep in mind that the episodes each day after the show has already aired on television. This means that if a show aired at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening that it should be available online by Wednesday morning. Streaming shows online is fantastic and it’s less time consuming. We know exactly which shows we like and when we want to watch them. When was the last time you lucked out with that watching cable?

TV Shows on The Lifetime Network

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
Big Women: Big Love
Bring It!
Grey’s Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
Unsolved Mysteries
Child Genius
Dance Moms
Designing Spaces
Girlfriend Intervention
The Jacksons: Next Generation
Kosher Soul
Little Women: LA
Little Women: New York
Little Women: Atlanta
Living with the Enemy
Mission Makeover
Pitch Slapped
Preachers’ Daughters
Project Runway All Stars
Project Runway: Threads
Project Runway: Junior
The Rap Game
Wife Swap