How to Watch Clippers Game Tonight Online Free Without Cable

We know you love watching the Los Angeles Clippers a whole lot! But you shouldn’t have to pay so much money on that useless cable TV just to watch them tear up the NBA league every season. If you’ve been thinking about cutting your cable contract but don’t want to risk not being able to tune into live Los Angeles Clippers games, fret no more. We have a solution.

To help all of you Clippers fans out, we’ve decided to create a guide listing the most efficient, affordable, and legal ways that you can catch all of the NBA action you want the season live and online.

Read below, and let the journey begin.

View the Los Angeles Clippers Games Online – The Sling TV Way

If you recently cut your cable, Sling TV should be one of the 1st streaming services that you should consider getting. It matches cable TV in entertainment and beats it in price.

Here’s a little break down of sling TV:

An online streaming service that can be used on all devices capable of streaming Sling TV is offers its subscribers access to of many popular cable TV networks Subscribers get content from over 60 different channels With Sling TV is no contract at all so you don’t have to commit to anything long-term.
So, all of that information is great but how can you see the Los Angeles Clippers games online? Here’s how:

Residents of the Los Angeles area get access to FOX Sports regional networks: FOX Sports West and FOX Sports Prime Ticket ALL Clippers games are aired on those channels all season long! So, citizens of Los Angeles can watch every game of the Clippers online for the entire season! At just a low $25 each month, Sling Blue gives access to 40+ channels Sample the service for free for an entire 7 days.

As you can see anyone residing in Los Angeles should definitely get the sling blue package. With it, they’ll be able to watch all of the Los Angeles Clippers games throughout the season. Even if you live outside of California, the sling TV service provides the ESPN and TNT networks. They Will be useful for watching the regular season and NBA playoffs games live. If you weren’t aware, ESPN shows NBA games every week on Wednesdays and Fridays, and TNT NBA games on every Thursday and some Tuesdays. ESPN is not included in every package.

With Sling TV, you’ll also get access to the WatchESPN App on your smartphone or tablet device. This app will allow you to watch NBA games that are aired on ABC.

In conclusion, Sling TV is definitely an amazing way to watch the Los Angeles Clippers online, especially for a local fan. If you’re still can’t decide, there’s 3 amazing sign up bonuses that you can take advantage of:

Subscribing for 3 or more months makes you eligible for a free Roku streaming device Subscribing for 3 or more months gets you a discounted Apple TV streaming device Interested individuals can get a FREE or a 7-day trial

Los Angeles Clippers Games Live on PlayStation Vue

There’s another option to add to our list of methods to stream Los Angeles Clippers games online. From the creators of the Playstation comes a new service is from Sony and is called PlayStation Vue. With the of the PlayStation Vue service, you’ll have access to more than 50 of the most popular channels currently on cable including TNT and ESPN. As mentioned with the Sling TV service description, these stations alone will help you watch over 100 live games.

Even though it gives you more than 50 channels, the Vue service cost more than using Sling TV. Its lowest price is actually $29.99. A downside id that you won’t be able see any of the PlayStation Vue streams outside of your house area because of restrictions. On top of that, PlayStation Vue isn’t compatible with majority of today’s streaming devices.

PlayStation Vue is a decent service, but at the moment, it falls short in comparison to the Sling TV option.

Track Clippers Game on DirecTV Now, Hulu, Youtube Unplugged & Vidgo

There are other online platforms that live stream NBA games without the need of a cable plan. Some of the companies I am about to mention below are just getting started, and some are in the Beta testing plhase.

  • DirecTV Now was launched in November 2016, and has the biggest upside of all the alternative cable options I am about to discuss. I say this because DirecTV Now is owned by AT&T, a tech giant and not a fly by night company. DirecTV Now has a channel list that includes ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV to name a few. You can test out the service for 7-days as DirecTV offer a free trial option for new subscribers.
  • Hulu is another streaming service that just added a live TV package. Hulu used to be primary a free service, but it has graduated from just a video on-demand service to a live TV platform. The rumored channel list for Hulu will be ABC, ESPN and a host of other channels where you can watch Clippers game. Like Sling TV, Hulu has a 7-day trial offer for new customers.
  • Youtube Unplugged is yet another live TV service getting ready to be launched in the first quarter of 2017. The channel lineup for Google’s Youtube Unplugged is really murky, but we do know that they will carry CBS, ABC and most likely ESPN.
  • One of the most intriguing service that’s yet to be fully launched is Vidgo. The anticipation is great for this new live TV service. We don’t yet know the full details of Vidgo, but if it delivers the features described on their website, it will be a game changer for online streaming. Vidgo claim to be able to provide an a la carte package, meaning you only pay for channels you really want. This service is in the beta testing phase so we don’t quite know if they are the real deal or not.

NBA League Pass Has the Los Angeles Clippers Games Online

If you haven’t heard yet, for NBA fanatics who are Los Angeles Clippers fans trying to watch all NBA games online this season, the NBA League Pass is something you should check out. As the name implies, NBA League Pass service is the NBA’s streaming service.

It offers more basketball coverage than almost every other service out. Local team games are blacked out however. When it comes to broadcasting local team games, the cable networks have the legal rights. Outside of that, the service is amazing. It works like this:

The NBA League Pass service works on all of your streaming devices With a stable Internet connection, you can have access anywhere All games during the season are shown LIVE (apart from the local team blackouts) On-demand replays Numerous classic NBA games available Social media access in one step.

Clippers fans can also keep track of other teams as well. The League Pass offers each of the above features along with games played by all teams. The cost for this package is $199.99 per season.

If you’re only looking to view the Los Angeles Clippers online and none of the other teams, then the NBA Team Pass package is perfect for you. It’ll be $80 cheaper costing $119.99 each season and allows you to follow one team.

Only want to watch a single live Los Angeles Clippers game or two? Use the NBA Single Game Pass option. It is about $6.99 per game and allows you to watch single game.

Make note of the local team blackouts are in each version. You can watch on-demand replays of the game.

Watch Live Los Angeles Clippers Broadcasts with an HD Antenna

You can easily catch live NBA games on your television set legally and for free.

With the addition of a simple antenna, your television set will be able to acquire programs being streamed on popular networks such as ABC, CBS, and even NBC. These over the air broadcasts don’t require an Internet connection or a cable contract to view.

There are networks such as ABC that often air live NBA games. If you were to check ABC’s schedule for the broadcast times, you’ll be in great shape. If you can’t watch them live, don’t worry about it.

Adding a DVR device will allow you to record all of those live games that air when you aren’t available for later viewing.

International Fans Can Watch Games Online too

Fans of the NBA who just so happen to live outside of the USA can still use some of these methods too. To view the Los Angeles Clippers games like everyone else, all you’ll need to do is make use of a good VPN (virtual private network).

There’s a NBA League Pass package designed specifically for international viewers known as NBA League Pass International. It provides access to all of the NBA games being aired online including the ones that would normally be blacked out for local viewers.

Now that you have read through this entire list of methods to watch Los Angeles Clippers games online, you now have the ability to become the perfect fan. Go out and show the world what you’re made of.