Is it Legal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV

If you’ve heard of Fire TV and the Firestick available from Amazon, you’ve probably also heard people talking about how to jailbreak Fire TV. You might be wondering what this means. With the word jailbreak in the title, you might also wonder if it’s legal to jailbreak with the stick from Amazon Fire and its TV stick. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a console or small media player that you can use to stream television content to your television set using the internet. This service uses the internet, rather than cables and a cable subscription, to bring you paid television content. Since its inception, the service has gone through several upgrades and updates. With a paid subscription, you can stream television content and even play a selection of video games.

What is Jailbreak Fire TV

Of course, where there is technology, there is always someone else to come along and create more technology. Not long after Amazon created Fire TV, developers invented a way to do what’s called jailbreak Fire TV. There are some questions as to the legality of the process and what you can do with Fire TV after the jailbreak process. If it’s legal or not depends on what you use the software for, and whether the jailbreak process is used for legal or illegal purposes.

Cost and Components

The cost of purchasing a stick from Amazon Fire is quite reasonable. It’s only $39.99. It comes with a quad core and one gigabyte of memory. You also get eight gigabytes of internal storage. Because of this affordable cost for such a high quality product, it is popular. That means that there are also a large number of people that want to jailbreak Fire TV, because a lot of people own the device.

What Jailbreak Means

Don’t let the word fool you: Jailbreak doesn’t mean that anything illegal has happened. Rather, it just means that the service has different software installed on it. There’s nothing illegal about that. It just means that the software is free from its originally-installed content and you can use the device for other things.

When you’re jailbreaking, what you’re doing is really just putting new software on Amazon’s Fire device for television. New media software goes on the Stick, and usually this software is KODI. The new software allows you to do new things with your Fire TV Stick that you might not be able to do otherwise. It might also allow you to access the same content with a different user interface.

What is KODI?

Let’s back up for a minute and talk about KODI (What is KODI?). This is the software that usually goes on Fire TV during a jailbreak of the device. KODI is free software. It is open-sourced, which means that you can see what programming goes into the software.

One of the great things about KODI software is that it’s compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Much of the streaming software available on the market today isn’t Linux compatible, so this makes KODI stand out. With KODI software, you can watch stored content as well as streamed content from the internet. In addition to the service, there are engaged user forums to allow you to exchange ideas with other users.

Does KODI Have Content?

KODI software by itself doesn’t have any content. You still need to provide your own content from a remote storage device or from a streaming service. Examples of this can include Blu-Ray or DVD. You can also access content that you’ve either paid for or that’s free from a third-party provider.

What It Means to Jailbreak your Firestick

When you do what’s called jailbreaking, you superimpose unrestricted access rights and user privileges where they don’t normally exist. You can access applications or choose other functions through the device that either normally doesn’t exist or that is otherwise off limits to the user. To jailbreak Fire TV means to install this media server and interface on the device so that you can use the Stick to access media that you couldn’t otherwise access with the original software that comes on the device when you purchase it.

How to Install KODI

When you say that you are going use the jailbreak process for the TV Stick from Amazon Fire, what you’re really doing is just installing KODI. This isn’t hard to do, and anyone can do it by following simple steps. On the home page for Amazon Fire, find and select settings. Choose Developer Options under the System menu. Enable ADB Debugging and choose to allow applications from unknown sources. Next, go back to System and choose About and then Network. Write down the IP address for your Fire TV.

Next, install ES Explorer, which is a file manager. You can find it at Amazon’s store for applications Start the ES Explorer. Then go to Tools, Downloads and finally Add Bookmark. There, you can put in a link to Kodi for the file, for an Android. Look for this at Once you’ve made the bookmark, go back to it and open it. At this point, it asks you if you’re installing the file. Select yes. KODI downloads and installs.

But is it legal?

When most people think about whether to jailbreak Fire TV, they wonder if what they’re doing is legal. KODI is free software. There’s nothing illegal in and of itself about this software. From there, whether it’s legal depends on what you use it for.

If you use the software to stream content that’s either free or that you’ve already paid for, what you’re doing is legal. However, if you use the jailbreak Fire TV process to access content that you should be paying for without paying for it, that’s illegal. Another name for this is theft. Some jurisdictions call it larceny. If you try this, you’re likely committing a criminal offense punishable by law. KODI does not endorse this kind of use of its service.

There are lots of alternatives to cable television today. There are streaming service and internet-based television streaming services available at a wide variety of price points available today. You can pay just $7.99 for Hulu content, or pay for the most popular paid television channels from Sling TV for only $20 per month. You can add the premium channels that you want for slightly more each month. Other services offer paid television with other features and price points, including DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and HBO NOW. All of these are great, low-cost ways to see you favorite television, legally.

There is no reason to use KODI’s open-source information for any nefarious purpose, given that there is so much free and easy-to-access paid content available today. Exercise caution when anyone promises to give you paid television for free. Use KODI as alternate software to access free and paid television content.