How to Watch Iowa Basketball Games Online Without Cable

If you are a Hawkeyes fan, you wouldn’t want to miss any of the University of Iowa’s basketball games. Whether you want to cheer them against Penn State, or just watch every single slam dunk, Iowa basketball live streaming makes it possible. Of course, the most common way to watch the game is with a cable subscription, or with a mate who has cable subscription. There is an alternative to cable, and it could work out much cheaper as well! So, if you don’t have cable and aren’t planning to get one soon, please read on.

Live stream Iowa Games Online For Free on Sling Tv

Iowa basketball highlights are streamed online on more than just the cable TV services. There are several online services that offer slimmer packages for much less than a full cable subscription. However, it is also possible to watch Iowa basketball live streaming absolutely free of any charge. Connect to the Web and subscribe to SlingTV.

They give away a 7-day free trial to new subscribers. Watching the Iowa basketball live stream has never been this easy. You can simply access the service on your smartphone or laptop. Hulu Plus is another cable alternative. It also offers one week’s free viewing pleasure. Whether on your Xbox, PS3 or Wii, you don’t have to miss the Iowa basketball highlights.

Sign up to CBS All Access To Watch Iowa Games

CBS all Access is another of the cable-free services. Its pricing is the lowest available, cheaper than Hulu and NetFlix and it also offers a week’s free viewing. Besides watching Iowa basketball live streaming, there are a lot of live streams of all the NFL games that air in your area. Get ready for a whole Sunday afternoon of football!

Watch on Playstation Vue & DirecTV Now Without Cable

Besides Hulu, CBS All Access and SlingTV, there is also DirecTV Now, PlaystationVue and WatchESPN. DirecTV Now also offers a free trial that you could run on your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other living room streaming device.

You don’t need a satellite dish or cable box. Most importantly, you won’t get that expensive cable bill at the end of the month. Download the free trial and watch Iowa basketball online absolutely free. PlayStation Vue has put in a lot of effort in order to differentiate itself from the other online streaming services. They offer high-quality live TV, which includes live streaming as one of your options.

Whichever of these online cable alternatives you choose, you would be able to enjoy the University of Iowa’s games without a binding long-term contract or costly cable subscription. Plug in your gaming console, download a free trial and support your team throughout the sporting season without spending a dollar.