How to Watch Indians Game Today Online Free Without Cable

Watching the Cleveland Indians is a hot ticket. The team is talented and always competitive. They fight each year to with the American League title, and fans love to gather to watch the boys of fall. Each new season comes with the highest of hopes for this impressive team.

Some fans have cut off cable. It’s either too expensive or too restrictive for them. That doesn’t change their love for the Cleveland Indians, though, so they want to find a way to watch the Indians live stream, even without the cable subscription. These fans won’t be disappointed, because there are internet-based television services on the market today that solve the problem.

Internet Television – The Basics

Internet television feels a lot like cable. You watch the same great channels live, as they air. It’s a bit better though, because some of the services offer on-demand content and options to watch on other devices. For example, you can watch on your laptop. If you’re traveling or even waiting in the pickup line at your child’s elementary school, you can watch on your phone. These services don’t make you sign a contract and they don’t take it personally when you want to cancel. There are lots of options to see the Indians game tonight and throughout the year.

Several different companies offer streaming services. For the Cleveland Indians, your best bets are Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, Hulu and MLB.TV. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are monthly subscription services, while MLB.TV has you pay one price for the entire year of baseball. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are comprehensive television streaming services and you can get the best in paid television channels across a variety of genres with the services.

MLB.TV is all baseball and only baseball, but you get more baseball content this way than with the other services that are more general. The rest of this article can give you more specifics on what service is best for you:

Watch Indians Game Today On Sling TV (Free Trial)

Sling TV is Dish Network’s baby. It’s got a huge subscription base with millions of people already joining in the service. Sling TV unbundles the bundles and charges you only $20 per month to get in on the ground floor. You can use the service for just a month if you want to. There is no minimum term and no fee to cancel.

If you’re after the Indians game today, this is a great way to go, because the base orange package of $20 per month gives you ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS. These two channels alone give you both regular and post-season games. TBS also airs divisional series, a wild card game and a league championship. There are more than twenty-five channels included in the entry level package, and they cover the best in paid television, including CNN, TNT and Food Network.

You can get a larger package that has FOX Sports Ohio and FS1 in it. You should know that FOX Sports Ohio is only available regionally, so it’s best for the Indians live stream if you’re in the Cleveland area. FOX is an available add-on, too. If you compare and contrast the channels available, Sling TV comes out looking good for prices as well as available channels. T-Mobile customers enjoy additional discounts and you can scoop up a free Roku 2 if you’re okay with three months of service when you first sign up.

Watch Indians Game Tonight Live on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

You can also watch the Cleveland Indians game tonight with PlayStation Vue. Perhaps it’s a primary competitor to Sling TV. This service assumes that you want more channels and it charges you $29.99 off the bat. For the extra price you get FS1 in the base package, though, as well as ESPN and TBS. There are not as many compatibility options for when you’re not at home, but there are add-on packages that allow you to make sure you have all of the channels that you can’t live without.

Stream Indians Online using MLB.TV

Major League Baseball has a streaming service, too. It’s all baseball and it’s pay by the season, not by the month. It’s $109.99 to follow all MLB teams and $85 to follow just the team of your choice. There are local blackouts, so this might be the best service for out of town fans, whereas PlayStation Vue and Sling TV might best meet the needs of people in the greater Cleveland area.

Watch FOX on Regular TV using an OTA Antenna

Finally, don’t forget that you can watch a few games for free via an OTA antenna. This isn’t internet television. It’s broadcast television that you use an indoor digital antenna to pull down to your television. If your antenna is strong, you can pull down more channels than you can with a weak antenna. Check a television guide to find out when these games air in your area.

Here Are Additional Online Services that Live Stream MLB games, movies and TV Shows Without Cable