How to Watch Pacers Game Online Without Cable Free

If you follow the Indiana Pacers, you know that they’ve had a ton of great seasons over the years. With their current lineup and newly acquired talent, they are looking like they will be a force to be reckoned with this NBA season as well. Since the price of cable has been skyrocketing as the years progress, many people have been cutting the cord and looking for alternative methods to watch live Indiana Pacers games.

The demand for alternatives to cable has become so great that many new services have sprung up to accommodate. Pacers fans now have the ability to stream live games online without having to pay an arm and leg to cable companies.

The great news is, not only are these methods cheap, free in some cases, and convenient, they are absolutely legal! So, if you’ve been wrecking your brain trying to figure out a solution to your “no live NBA games” problem, grab a pen, a pad, and take notes. We have quite a few options for you to take advantage of below, and we’re sure that you’ll love at least one of them.

Sling TV = The Perfect Way to Watch the Indiana Pacers Live

Sling TV is an excellent, if not the best, choice for those individuals who like to watch sports such as basketball online. It’s also rapidly becoming a growing choice amongst those people who like streaming popular movies and television shows without the use of cable. Watching those Indiana Pacers games live using sling TV is pretty simple. Just follow a few steps and you’ll have access to those games almost immediately:

· Head over to and sign up for a free 7-day trial of their Sling Blue service.

· If you enjoy the service and would like to continue using it after your free trial is over, Sling Blue with only cost you $25 a month.

· There are no contracts involved when using this service, so you can cancel at any time if you no longer have a need for it.

· Subscribers residing in the Midwest are provided with an additional 2 sports channels known as FOX Sports Indiana and FOX Sports Midwest.

· Using just those two channels alone will provide Indiana Pacers fans with access to EVERY Pacers’ game during the entire NBA season.

· Depending on what package you decide to take advantage of, you’ll have access to 40 or 60+ channels to surf through.

· Other major networks such as TNT (also a great live NBA game streaming channel), HGTV, AMC, and even CNN are included.

· All Pacers games can be streamed across a huge variety of devices like smart phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, computers, and many others.

The FOX Sports regional network channels will provide Midwest basketball fans with just about all of the Pacers games with the only exceptions being a few of the blacked out local games here and there. Sling provides its subscribers living outside of the Midwest area with an amazing amount of NBA content as well, so fear not if you are one of those people.

Popular channels like TNT and ESPN are live streamed on the Sling service and each broadcast live games every week. Even the NBA Playoffs are shown. If that wasn’t enough, ABC also airs games as well, so you’re sure to find the games you’re looking for. Add the WatchESPN app to your smart phone or tablet to catch the games while on the go.

To sweeten the deal, Sling has added a few discounts for its subscribers:

· Get an Apple TV at a discounted price when you sign up for 3 months of Sling TV.

· Get a ROKU streaming device absolutely free for signing up for 3 months.

· A no-cost, 7 day, free trial membership.

All in all, Sling TV is a top-notch service to use when you want to watch the Indiana Pacers games online. The fact that it also boasts a huge selection of movies and television shows from many major networks makes it a great replacement for cable.

Watch Pacers on Playstation Vue or DirecTV Now

Alternative ways to stream Pacers game are through the Playstation Vue and DirecTV Now platform. Both service are similar in that they carry many of the same sports channels. The main channels that broadcast NBA games are TNT, ESPN, NBA TV and both service host all three channels.

The one thing that are different are the packages offered by Vue and DirecTV Now. Vue in comparison to Sling TV and DirecTV Now is higher in cost, but that’s because they carry a lot more premium channels than most online TV services. DirecTV on one hand offers 100 channels for only $35. Both services have a 7-day free trial offer that really make the switch very painless.

View Live Streams of the Indiana Pacers Games on HULU

HULU is among the quickest growing online streaming services out. If you’re unfamiliar with it, think of it as a Netflix service that’s still in it’s early stages. The reason this service is quickly attaining popularity amongst people who are acquainted with Netflix is mainly because of its every expanding TV show catalog.

The latest episodes are often available for streaming within 24 hours after being shown on actual television or in some cases, on the exact same day. They additionally offer you Video On Demand (VOD). Well lately there have been numerous rumors that the service is currently in the process of striking a deal with the NBA. This will allow HULU to be able to offer its subscribers live streams of matches. We thought it should be mentioned.

Keep this one on your list of services to watch even though at the moment, NBA live streams aren’t available. It’s possible for you to try HULU for 7 days absolutely free or take advantage of one of their “Occasional/No Commercial” plans that begin at $7.99 a month.

Just Use an Antenna to Watch Pacers Game For Free

Don’t think that to be able to see the Pacers play, you need to spend cash. We understand that not everybody can afford to spare those additional funds. That won’t stop you. Here is an option to see the Indiana Pacers games. Just add an antenna to your television!

Using an OTA (over the air) antenna is a great way to enjoy your favorite games live all season long. There are scores of live streams from major networks being broadcast. An antenna will pick up these signals almost all of the time and permit you to take pleasure in the games from the comfort of your house. What’s even better is this is uh…….totally FREE!

The Conclusion

With the demand for alternatives to cable constantly rising, more and more online streaming services are being created. This is proving to be very advantageous to subscribers. Fans looking to watch live Indiana Pacers games online now have more options than ever before. Expect to see more and more people to cut cable as many more people become aware of the different methods provided in this article.