How to Watch Hoosiers Game Online Free Without Cable Legally

During the recent years, the Indiana Hoosiers have been considered as one of the most exciting teams to watch. Fans would surely want to make sure that they have all their options to watch Indiana basketball games online. However, is this possible even without a cable subscription?

The good news is that there are several options that are available these days, allowing for Indiana basketball live stream. This means that even though you do not have cable subscription, you can still watch IU basketball games online for free for the entire season.

Watch IU Games on DirecTV Now, Hulu, Youtube Unplugged, Apple TV & Vidgo

There are several options when it comes to finding a legal way to stream live Indiana basketball games. We’ve listed 5 new services that are able to broadcast live IU games without cable:

  • DirecTV Now owned by AT&T is a new service similar to Sling TV in that they stream live TV content without the need of a cable subscription. DirecTV Now offers 100 channels for only $35 including a 7-day free trial option.
  • Hulu owned by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast has just started a brand new live tv service featuring some of the top sport channels like ESPN, FOX and ABC.
  • Google has launched a brand new service named, Youtube Unplugged designed to stream live tv content. Rumors has it that Youtube Unplugged will feature popular college basketball channels like CBS and ESPN.
  • Apple TV is similar to Roku as it host a ton of apps that live stream live TV. Apple TV is a platform for popular sport applications like WatchESPN, CBS ALL ACCESS, TBS, TNT & ABC.
  • Vidgo is a newly created service that has yet to be launched to the general public. The information on Vidgo is really spotty and unclear. Vidgo claims to be an a al carte TV service that includes local channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

IU Basketball Live Stream on Sling TV

As a fan, you surely would not want to be disconnected from watching your favorite team’s upcoming game. Worry no more! There are several options for you. You can simply avail of a streaming service that allows you to watch several TV channels that are usually offered in cable, but without necessarily having a cable subscription.

This type of option has gained popularity these days because it has served as a more reasonable alternative to using cable, especially for watching online sports. Take, for example, Sling TV is an option that will only cost you $20 every month, which is less compared to a traditional subscription of cable usually needed in order to watch your favorite game.

With these live streaming services, you can choose from the different channel packages. These channels allow you to watch Indiana basketball games online. The best part about it is that you do not just have to watch your favorite game from a television, as you can watch them on multiple devices. In fact, you can access the games using your computer, tablet, phone, as well as your TV, attached to a device such as Chromecast and Roku.

Stream Indiana Basketball on Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is another option where you can watch IU basketball games online for free. Due to the channels that are offered, it will allow you to stream most of the games. There are also other options that are available. All you need to do is to choose the best one that fits your needs and preferences.

Bottom Line

Indeed, there are a lot of options for you to watch Indiana basketball games online. Gone are the days when you need to run home just to catch the schedule of the next game of your favorite team, Indiana Hoosier, or miss those important highlights of the game just because the cable service went down. With alternative options for Indiana basketball live stream, you have the control in your hands, such as the schedule when you want to watch the game, as well as the type of gadget you would like to watch the games from.