Illegal Streaming Sites That Stream Free TV Shows, Movies and Sports

When someone tells you that you don’t need cable to watch your favorite television anymore, that’s true. Inventive engineers and programmers have developed ways to bring you the great television that you’re used to seeing on cable, using the internet instead of cables. This is easy to do if you have a fast internet connection.

In fact, you don’t even need a television to do it. You can watch television content on your laptop computer, your ipad or your phone. All you need is the internet and a browser. These services have made television more portable than it has ever been, much to the delight of consumers.

Some Sites are Legal

The television channels themselves know that this is the wave of the future. Most, if not all, television channels have signed on to be a part of this new way to watch. That means, they have agreed to provide you this content legally, through streaming services. They share in the profits of these services, too. Some examples of legal services are Sling TV, Hulu, Netflix, DirecTV NOW and PlayStation Vue.

Not All Sites are Legal

Consumers need to be wary, though, because there is a seedy underbelly to the streaming industry, too. Some people have decided to stream content illegally. These illegal streaming sites deprive television producers of profits they should receive which in the end, hurts paying customers from receiving more great television content.

A Risky Business

To some consumers, free television might seem like a lot of fun. They might be tempted just to let others pay for the goods and watch free television. However, this is not a good idea. That’s because nothing in life is truly free.

These free, illegal websites are packed with malware. This malware infects your computer and can even essentially take it over. It’s not worth having to buy an entire new computer just to save a few bucks on a television subscription fee. Most users have already figured this out and opted for the paid versions. Quite frankly, it’s easier to save money than it is to steal.

The Effects of Stealing

Stealing affects the content providers and the consumers alike. The content providers have to charge the consumers more for their monthly services. Alternatively, they don’t have as much money to put into budgets and development of new shows. Ultimately, this hurts everyone.

Stream stealing also puts pressure on these providers to open up content for free viewing, even when the content isn’t produced at a low enough price to sustain free viewing as a business model. One example is CBS. They put the Super Bowl online for free, because so many websites streamed it illegally. These illegal streaming sites don’t seem to care, but consumers should if they like watching great television.

A Difficult Problem

Illegal streaming sites are hard to track down. Sometimes, when a user gets malware on their computer, it can be hard to pin down the source. In addition, many of these sites operate from remote servers. Providers have all kinds of ways to mask their identity. Multi-jurisdictional crimes are hard to pursue because law enforcement needs to communicate between departments. Even when they do track someone down, it can be hard to know where to bring the person to trial.

Ultimately, consumers shouldn’t justify and glorify these sites by using them. Today’s internet consumers are savvy, and you really can’t feign ignorance when it comes to knowing whether the streaming site you’re using is legal or not. If people chose not to use these illegal streaming sites, they wouldn’t stay in business very long.

What Can You Do

The most important thing that consumers can do is avoid sites that are blatantly illegal or even questionable. Legal sites are so easily available today at reasonably prices, so there’s really no excuse for using an illegal site. You can access paid television for as little as $20 per month today, or you can even buy a la carte programming for as little as a few dollars at a time. Stealing television is not a victimless crime, and consumers can do their part to make sure that these illegal operations don’t have motivation or profits to keep going. Let’s look at some of these sites that you should avoid.

This website shows you a list of places on the internet that you can find illegal content. You type in what you’re looking for and it gives you a list of places that you can find the content in the deep, dark corners of the internet. Of course, offers no guarantee that there isn’t terrifying malware on the free site ready to swoop in and ruin your computer.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports is another website to avoid. Although the name sounds legit, it’s anything but. They have had to change their name in order to continue to operate illegally, and so many copycats have cropped up that it’s hard to even guess who the original cheater was in the first place. It’s hard to feel sorry for First Row Sports. They had no respect for intellectual property and they were ripped off by countless people who didn’t have any respect for it, either.


This site can be deceiving. The website and the interface are better than most of the illegal sites out there, so it can confuse some consumers looking for legal things. There are reviews and free previews to watch, but then the site takes over with nonsense spam and other content. Good luck ever actually getting to watch an illegal movie.


Besides the obvious problem of this website’s inexplicable title, this website has moved several times, too, in order to keep up with their illegal ways. They bring you sports games from all over the world, but they aren’t licensed to do it. Most of the professional sports associations around the world have been victim to this website. The good news is that they don’t do it well. Their streams are very poor quality and they’re constantly running from the law.

YIFY Movie, Wiziwig TV, Stream2stream

This website’s tastes are as eclectic as they are illegal, so it’s pretty much useless in terms of finding any meaningful user experience over a period of time. Choose a title and find ways to see bits and pieces or a streaming link, much of it illegal. This site makes you create an account, which is a great way to expose yourself to criminal liability or at least embarrassment when it comes out that you’re a part of this illegal enterprise.

What To Do

Your best bet is to choose a legal streaming site. These illegal sites are so poorly done that they aren’t even worth it. In addition, you’re basically welcoming malware into your device if you use them. Paid sites today are inexpensive and your paid, legal subscription helps television providers produce more great content for you.