Hulu Plus Reviews – Free Trial, Cost, TV Shows & Packages

Hulu introduced to the public back in 2008 hasn’t been as aggressive as other online streaming services in terms of attracting subscribers. With the launch of DirecTV Now, Youtube Unplugged and Sling TV, Hulu seems to be getting ready to rev up their marketing to attract more subscribers.

Hulu partially owned by FOX, Comcast and NBC seem set to challenge Sling TV as the alpha of online streaming. With Hulu you get all the new episodes on TV’s most popular programs like The walking dead, Scandal, Blackish and host of other shows.

Networks that participate in the Hulu online streaming category are FOX, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, MTV, History, A&E, AMC, Bravo and many more. Starting out Hulu was primary a free streaming service that offered limited content. However fast forward to 2016, and they offer a host of new content and many of them are exclusive to just Hulu members.

The price point for Hulu varies, but you can start out with the entry level plan of $7.99, but if you want a commercial free experience than the cost is $11.99. The video on demand catalog isn’t quite as exciting as Sling TV or DirecTV Now, but Hulu offers a decent amount of shows that neither Sling nor DirecTV can stream live in real-time.

Benefits of Hulu Online Streaming Service

Video on Demand Content: Similar to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Sling TV, Hulu offers a host of movies and TV shows that you can stream online. Some of which you can watch for free. Hulu has some exclusive only content that you cannot watch anywhere else, but on the Hulu platform.

Uninterrupted Commercial: Hulu started out as a free service as I’ve discussed above, but it is now a full fledged streaming service with live shows similar to that of Sling TV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue.

You can opt for the commercial free option, which will run you $11.99 per month. This is great for people like me who are usually annoyed by commercials and the over hyped sales pitch.

Can I Watch Hulu For Free

The answer is yes, Hulu allow potential subscribers to test drive their service for 7 days for free. This should give you enough time to check out the category of TV shows hosted on their platform, plus you can check out the ease of use, and technical support.

What is Hulu Channel List

Because Hulu is owned by a string of cable companies, exclusive live content will be what really attracts more subscribers. Some of the more notable networks that have partnered with HULU are as followed:

Cartoon Network
Adult Swim
Turner Classic Movies

Cost For Hulu Plus

Hulu has a price point of $7.99, but if you want a commercial free experience than the price increases to $11.99. the fee in itself won’t break the bank, but is it worth paying for it if you already have Netflix. ¬†As of right now, I’d have to say yes. I only say that because Hulu has some streaming content that aren’t available anywhere else.

Hulu is yet to release their live bundle package, which I anticipate will be similar to DirecTV Now’s launch of 100 channels for $35.