Watch HSN Live Online Without Cable

We haven’t had cable for nearly five years. Each time I’m at my parents, I scroll through their cable listings and don’t see any programs I would enjoy. If you feel this way as well, cable isn’t necessary to watch your favorite shows. HSN is one of my favorite networks to watch around the holidays. The products they display tempt my wallet, but I practice restraint and control my spending. If you still want to watch HSN, and don’t have cable, here’s how you do it.

Watch Home Shopping Network on Roku Live

First, consider getting a Roku. We got our Roku a few years ago and use it every day. A Roku, for those that don’t know what it is, streams news and shows through applications. HSN has its own application on the Roku. For HSN three channels are available on the Roku. These channels are HSN, HSN 2 and HSN Electronics. As far as I can tell, HSN and I HSN 2 are pretty much the same. Each time we turn on HSN Electronics, we see them selling cell phones or computers.

You can also head over to  Through their website you can tune into either HSN or HSN 2. Above the video feed it indicates how long they will be selling each product, while prices and ratings are located just to the right of the video. You have the option to favorite the item for later, watch the video on your television, or watch it full screen on your device. This is a fantastic way to still catch the deals even when you don’t have cable.

Youtube Unplugged

Youtube Unplugged, which is a yet to be released streaming service is believed to be a platform for HSN. However you can still access HSN live stream on You can find it here: is often thought of as being home for music videos or cat videos, but live streaming is helping to change the game. If you want to order the product, you have to go to the company’s website ( While most have Youtube on their phone or tablet, however, it gives us another option to watch our favorite network without that cable subscription.

Also stream HSN through From first glance, it appears that this website is pulling its feed from the live feed on Youtube. It has embedded the code from the live feed into their website, allowing you to rate and comment the broadcast—both of which you can’t do on the Youtube broadcast.

Finally, download the HSN app in either the Android or Apple store. Through this application you’re going to be able to watch the broadcast. If you’re interested in a particular product, they have included the broadcast on the product’s page to show its demonstration. This really helps to sell it to the customer. It works well for that customer that wants a holiday or birthday idea; just send the link to someone and they are good to go. Watching HSN is easy to do through live streaming. They want you to buy so they take out the hassle and market the persuasion.